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5 Travel Mistakes Not to Make on Your Next Vacation

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5 Common Travel Mistakes To Avoid

One of the most beautiful things about travel is the ability to learn and we’ve all made travel mistakes that have taught us valuable lessons. Fortunately, you don’t need to make every mistake in the book to know some of the better ways to enjoy your future vacations. Here are just a few of the most ordinary and the simple ways you can ensure a fun and relaxing time on your next trip with your loved ones:

1. Not Creating a Travel Budget

Unfortunately, there’s a lot more that goes into budgeting for a vacation than just your airfare and accommodations. Car rentals, excursions, food, drink, souvenirs, and other expenses also add up quickly. Planning out your expenses thoroughly can help avoid any unnecessary debt and stress that could come from what’s supposed to be a relaxing vacation. Don’t think of your budget as a limitation, but instead as a challenge to experience your destination in more unique ways. This can be by finding more affordable, local travel gifts, taking advantage of free attractions or activities, and more. One of the best ways to ensure you stick to your budget is by transferring this spending money into its own account so you know exactly how much you have to spend.

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Resort Spotlight: Ocean Key Resort

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Spotlight on Ocean Key Resort

Located in beautiful Virginia Beach, Virginia, Ocean Key Resort is a fantastic property to visit during the hot summer months. Sunshine, ocean views, resort amenities, and spacious accommodations are all part of your perfect Virginia Beach getaway.

We feature some incredible rental deals at Ocean Key Resort, allowing you to indulge in a luxurious coastal getaway for less. Learn more about this gorgeous resort property and book your summer vacation today!

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Top Cities for Summer Family Vacations

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Where to Go For the Best Summer Family Vacations

Now is the time for summer family vacations to enjoy the sunshine and break away from your daily routine. When planning a vacation, it can be difficult to decide on a location to please everyone.

But luckily, we did all the work for you! Here are some of the best summer family vacations you can take this year that will be sure to please all.

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Top 5 Free Travel Photography Apps to Enhance Your Vacation Images

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travel photography apps

Take Incredible Pictures on Vacation With These Free Travel Photography Apps

It’s never been easier to take high-quality photos on vacation. Gone are the days of dragging around heavy cameras when all you have to do is reach into your back pocket and pull out your smartphone—but these images can always be improved to maximize those likes on your favorite social media platforms! There are a number of apps available for both iOS and Android that allow you to edit your photos to make them professional quality for free in just a matter of minutes. For those searching for the best app for sharing travel photos, here are just a few of the most popular we think you should download:


VSCO, also known as VSCO Cam, is an editing and uploading platform created by Visual Supply Company. You can take photos from your camera roll or directly in the app and edit photos with state-of-the-art features like clarity, tint, sharpening, fading, skin one, saturation, contrast, exposure, and temperature. Though the editing tools are great, what’s most impressive are the filters. Users love these filters because they are more subtle than those found on other platforms and add a different look to your photos. Similar to Instagram, you can save your edits to your camera to use on other platforms or upload directly to your own VSCO profile where other users can see your work.

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4 Destinations for an Amazing Family Vacation Other Than Disney

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Best Places to Take a Family Vacation That Aren’t Disney

When many think of family vacations, they think of Mickey Mouse and visiting some of the world’s most famous theme parks, but there are plenty of families that want to try out something new. Though Disney has plenty for people of all ages, there are other destinations that are also great for families to spend time together, try activities, and make memories that will last a lifetime! Whether you’re just in the “been there, done that” mindset with your family and Disney, or the Orlando hot spot just doesn’t sound appealing to you, here are just a few of our alternative suggestions to experience an incredible family vacation other than Disney:

1. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

If being in the great outdoors is your idea of a perfect family vacation, Hilton Head Island will be one of your favorite trips to date! In addition to being surrounded by beautiful beaches where you can lay in the sand and relax, there are plenty of water sports and rentals at your disposal including paddle boarding, wakeboarding, water skiing, tubing, kayaking, canoeing, biking, deep sea fishing, mermaid tours, dolphin watching, helicopter tours, and more. On those rare rainy days, the island also has The Sandbox, An Interactive Children’s Museum and the Atomic VR Arcade where you can try a variety of games!

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