Last Minute Travel Deals: October 2017

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Fall is in full swing, and the time to take advantage of great travel deals has never been better. We currently find ourselves in a shoulder season—the time between summer and the holidays when vacations become much more inexpensive and easier to attain. As such, we’ve commemorated the opportunity to travel for less with some of our best last minute travel deals to help you realize your best cost-effective trip yet. Pair one of our rental deals with the current seasonal drop in airfare today to create your next great vacation!

Kuhio Banyan Club

Starting at just $43 per night, the Kuhio Banyan Club is one of Honolulu’s most relaxed and inviting resorts. Find yourself just blocks from Waikiki Beach, allowing you to access the picturesque shores by foot in just minutes. Hit the links at the Ala Wai Golf Course, or hike to the top of Diamond Head for those quintessential Honolulu views. Luaus and more great dining are available in great abundance, and easily accessible all from your luxury studio accommodations at the Kuhio.

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Cheap Trips to Paris, S’il Vous Plait?

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cheap trips to Paris

Believe it or Not, Cheap Trips to Paris Are Possible

Whether you’ve been to Paris or not, you’re probably keenly aware of what it represents to so many people: romance and indulgence. It seems like a city out of a fairytale. Unfortunately, such an unreal-seeming experience can have a very real price tag—but don’t worry! We’ll show you how to minimize that price tag to achieve cheap trips to Paris.

How Much Does a Trip to Paris Cost?

While it varies quite a bit, the price of Parisian vacations tends to be quite high. The following are the approximate average costs (and exact costs where we could find them):

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4 Family Travel Hacks for a Stress-Free Trip

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family with children at the airport

Let’s face it, planning a family vacation is hard work. You may remember the days as you traveled as a single person and were able to fit everything you needed into a backpack and only have to worry about your needs. As a parent, you have to worry about everybody else’s needs in addition to your own! Regardless of this, family trips are an incredible way to make memories and bond together. We’ve come up with some great travel hacks to help make your next family trip go as smoothly as possible.

1. Pack Smart

This may be the golden rule of every trip, but it is that much more important when you’re packing for young children. You have to choose the right clothes, for the right day, while taking into consideration that plans and weather can change. Stay organized by putting daily outfits (or an outfit for a specific scenario, like dinner or an outdoor outing) in its own individual bag, complete with accessories. After it’s worn, mark it as dirty so it doesn’t get mixed in with the other clean clothes.

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See What Lies Beneath the Waves: Go Scuba Diving in Hawaii!

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scuba diving in Hawaii

Say Aloha to Scuba Diving in Hawaii

Have you ever wished you could experience what it’s like to be a citizen of Atlantis, a mermaid, or even a shark? While that’s not possible, as far as we know, you can explore the ocean depths and swim with undersea creatures by scuba diving. We recommend scuba diving in Hawaii, where you’ll find coral reefs, shipwrecks, and more!

Best Hawaii Scuba Diving Locations

Whether you’re a first-time diver or a certified master, we have you covered. The following are some of the best scuba diving locations for the best scuba diving vacations:

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6 Amazing Alternative Ideas for a Fall Vacation

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fall vacation

Many travelers choose summer or winter to plan their getaways, and for good reason. Summer brings warm beach weather to many parts of the world, perfect for long nights and sunny days, and winter provides the perfect opportunity to escape the freezing cold at home and avoid days cooped up indoors. However, these seasons are the most popular in the travel industry, leading to high costs for airfare, lodging, and other related expenses. For those seeking an exciting and enjoyable travel deal, looking into a fall vacation could be the solution.

Fall provides a unique opportunity for you to explore any given destination. The months of September and October, along with the early part of November, are what’s known as a shoulder season. Shoulder seasons typically feature lower costs for airline tickets as well as accommodations, letting you explore a destination with fewer crowds while keeping more money in your pocket. For this season, we’ve highlighted some destinations that should feature lower costs and thinner crowds to help you plan your next fall vacation!

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