Celebrate Earth Day by Planning a Visit to Some of Earth’s Natural Wonders

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Many of Earth’s Natural Wonders are Close to Your Favorite Timeshare Resorts

It’s International Earth Day and a time to truly focus our efforts on the importance of environmental sustainability for the many incredible natural wonders that exist around the globe. As a timeshare resale company, we want all travelers to have the opportunity to see, interact with, and truly partake in the many amazing wildlife and landscapes the world has to offer. It’s important for vacationers to learn about their impacts on the earth, make changes to support its ecosystem, and to take time to visit and appreciate the breathtaking environments found in every country—some you might not have even known existed. Here are a few places you might consider spending your next vacation where you can truly experience the beauty of these diverse landscapes.

Hot Springs in Dunton, Colorado

The Dunton Hot Springs are mineral hot springs you can find in the southwestern mountains of Colorado. Once a mining town, it was deserted and meticulously rebuilt by those who wanted to preserve the history and also utilize the amazing baths found in town. With comfortable temperatures, you can actually get in these waters and enjoy the warmth! There are options for soaking in Colorado’s only geyser or in the 19th century bathhouse that utilizes the water just under the surface of the earth.

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Is May the Best Time to Travel?

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best time to travel

Now that spring is in full swing, you may be thinking about vacation. As warmer temperatures start to arrive, you’ll undoubtedly be dusting off your beach chairs, moving t-shirts and swimsuits back into your wardrobe, and hopping online to search for your next great summer getaway. While the time is ripe to search for warm-weather retreats during July or August, don’t get too ahead of yourself—the best time to travel may be another month entirely.

In some cases, May might be the best time of year to travel. In northern areas of the globe, temperatures begin to rise as flowers and trees start blooming. Many tourist destinations in select regions reopen for business in anticipation of the heightened summer crowds, resulting in a lively and energetic vacation atmosphere without the congestion.

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Capture Vacation Memories with These Travel Photography Tips & Tricks

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travel photography tips family taking selfie on vacation

Our Best Travel Photography Tips & Tricks

Picture this scenario: You’re relaxing on the plane after an unforgettable vacation with your family. Still riding off of the euphoria of an amazing trip, you take out your cell phone to review your photos from the past week, hoping to find the perfect one to post on Instagram. As you flip through each photo you quickly realize that many of them are not in focus or are too bright to see anything. Your heart sinks lower and lower with every swipe. Although you just experienced a wonderful family getaway, your vacation photos are a less-than-ideal representation of the fun that was had.

Unfortunately this scenario has played itself out far too many times for travelers. Capturing moments while on vacation is important to many families, but often the photos taken can be disappointing in terms of quality. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered the travel photography tips and tricks to put to use on your next vacation. The best part is you don’t need to invest in any fancy camera equipment—your phone’s camera will work perfectly!

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5 of the Top Babymoon Destinations You Must Visit

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top babymoon destinations

One of the many vacation trends emerging in today’s market is a new twist on a classic getaway. For mothers expecting children, the babymoon vacation has become a welcome respite before the birth of a newborn. A honeymoon of sorts, embarking on a babymoon is all about escaping the daily grind to soothe some of the hardships of pregnancy, while simultaneously enjoying some simple rest and relaxation with your significant other or companion.

Here at ResortRentals.com, we went through our list of favorite vacation spots to pick our five top babymoon destinations. If you’re expecting, check out some of our picks below and learn how each destination can help perfectly commemorate an upcoming birth!

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Resort Highlight: Marriott’s St. Kitts Beach Club

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st kitts resorts

You Will Never Find Another Place Like Marriott’s St. Kitts Beach Club

You’ll hardly believe this Marriott resort is real with its stunning blue waters, rolling hills, and endless beaches. Located on Frigate Bay, Marriott’s St. Kitts Beach Club is one of the preferred resorts in the area and a top Caribbean getaway for many travelers. Its impeccable location, near perfect weather, and friendly locals have made this resort a lovely and fun destination for people from all walks of life. In addition to these unmatched characteristics, you can stay at this luxurious resort for as low as $359 per night.

St. Kitts Marriott Resort Villa Types

For those who have been searching for an island retreat that looks and feels like a Caribbean beach house, St. Kitts Marriott has accomplished that and so much more. Its decor and furnishings were inspired by St. Kitts’ landscape that blends with the modern and lavish flare Marriott resorts often encompass. These two- and three-bedroom villas range from 1,400-2,090 square feet and can sleep between 8-10 guests. Each comes equipped with multiple beds, two or three bathrooms, full kitchens, in-unit washers and dryers, private balconies, living and dining areas, and so much more. The two-bedroom villas even provide guests the opportunity to have an oceanfront, ocean view, or resort view unit.

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