Disney Cruise Line Bringing Disney Magic to The Bahamas

Disney Cruise Line Bringing Disney Magic to The Bahamas

Exciting news for Disney lovers, soon you will be able to experience a fun-filled Disney vacation on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas! Disney Cruise Line has announced that they are building a new resort on the island that will be known as Lighthouse Point. It is expected to open up for guests to visit in late 20200 or early 2023.

Construction on Lighthouse Point will begin this year. This new Disney Cruise Line property will be set on 751 acres on the island of Eleuthera, a private island in the Bahamas. First image renderings of the resort are showing bungalow-style suites set among swaying palm trees on white sandy beaches.

The total cost of the resort should be somewhere between $250 million and $400 million, between the purchase of the land and the construction.

About Lighthouse Point Resort

Lighthouse Point is expected to have on-site restaurants and entertainment venues in addition to the prime beach access and luxury bungalow suites. There will also be an “adventure camp” for guests to engage in, featuring various trails to explore. Lighthouse Point will celebrate the natural beauty and culture of the Bahamas and will create jobs for locals to work at the property.

Disney Imagineer Joe Rohde is one of the key people behind this new Disney Cruise Line resort. Previously, Rohde has aided in the design of the Animal Kingdom part at Disney World and Disney’s Aulani resort in Hawaii. In talking about this new project, he commented:

“The Bahamas offers a fascinating multicultural tradition of food, music, dance, and storytelling. Eleuthera, in particular, is home to many artists, and we will be working with painters, sculptors, writers, storytellers, musicians, weavers, and artists of every kind, much like we did with Aulani in Hawaii, to create a completely unique experience that is rooted in Bahamian culture and imbued with Disney magic.”

Additionally, only 20% of the property will be developed, leaving more than 190 acres that they will donate to the Bahamian government to be used for the people of the island.

Stay tuned for more updates about Lighthouse Point and other Disney properties developed by Disney Cruise Line and Disney Vacation Club!

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