2016 Fall Travel Trends

Fall is often regarded as the perfect time of year to travel. For many places in the United States, vibrant autumnal foliage begins to dot the landscape, offering unbeatable views that many travelers find hard to pass up. With beach season still lingering in the early months, and ski season beginning to ramp up in the later months, fall brings a variety of getaway possibilities.

In the past, we’ve written about all the amazing autumn destinations that are out there waiting for you to discover. There is no doubt that fall is an exceptional time of year to get away—with its comfortable temperatures, cheaper travel costs, and flurry of local events or fairs—but we here at ResortRentals.com wanted to see why people choose fall, where they go, and how they do it.

This year, we took a closer look at some vital fall travel trends to help understand the dynamics of the season, and how people plan their vacations. You might find some of the numbers surprising—for instance, most of fall travelers are baby boomers, and international destinations like Italy, France, and Mexico are preferred over domestic destinations. You might also be surprised by the average cost of a fall vacation, which isn’t as high as you’d think.

We compiled all the data we found into one handy infographic to easily see how fall travel works, and why it tends to be a preferred time of year for vacations. Take a look at some of the other interesting stats we found below, and don’t forget to book one of our deeply discounted last-minute rental deals if you’re looking for a fall getaway for yourself!

fall travel trends

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