4 Best Haunted Attractions in the US

Best Haunted Attractions Certain to Scare

Ready or not, October is here—the month of leaf peeping, apple picking, and of course, Halloween! Many people like to celebrate Halloween all month long by visiting haunted houses, graveyards, or destinations with a history of haunted happenings. No matter where you are during the month of October, you’re sure to find something spook-tacular!

If you’re traveling, or looking to travel for a fun and haunted getaway, consider visiting one of these best haunted attractions in the US. But beware…these attractions aren’t for the faint of heart.

Asylum 49 – Tooele, Utah

There is something just downright chilling about a hospital or asylum-type building. And that’s exactly what Asylum 49 is. The building used to be Tooele Hospital, a nursing home. After is was shut down, and many stories of spirits and odd shadows were shared, the building was converted completely into a haunted attraction.

If you dare to go through the haunted house, you may be taken away from your group and strapped down to a hospital bed. If that’s not terrifying enough for you, you can go on a ghost tour of the haunted hospital wings. Former nurses have shared stories of the things they’ve seen. Not to mention paranormal experts have called this building one of the most haunted places in America, so you know it’s real.

Nashville Nightmare – Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is more than just country music and homestyle barbecue when October rolls around. The Nashville Nightmare haunted house has been rated as one of the best haunted attractions in the country, and definitely one that you will not want to miss!

The sets are incredibly realistic, the actors are professional, and there’s something to watch out for at every turn. This year will feature a haunted fairy tale trail, the industrial undead, phantoms, and a haunted religious reformatory. This self guided tour has so much to see, giving you plenty of nightmare fuel.

The Haunted Hotel – San Diego, California

While you’d never dream of staying here, this west coast haunted hotel is really worth the visit. This incredibly creepy hotel was even sued by a visitor for being too scary, so be sure you’re ready to handle the frights.

Walking through the hotel you’ll be pulled down a “Hellevator,” wander through dark, zombie-infested alleys, trudge through the muck of the hillbilly swamp, and creep through the Morgue Autopsy Lab. If you find clowns scary, you’ll “love” the Clown Subway. But watch your back, you won’t see them coming!

Dent Schoolhouse – Cincinnati, Ohio

If you want something with a real history of terror, visit the Dent Schoolhouse. Rumor has it, that in the 1950’s, students that teased Charlie the Janitor would go missing. Then, their bodies would be discovered in his basement. This psychopathic janitor is said to still haunt the schoolhouse, which has been completely transformed into a haunted house.

While you’re looking out for Charlie the janitor, you’ll also be spooked by actors, animatronics and other incredible special effects. The haunted schoolhouse is updated every year so it consistently stays the scariest attraction in the area.

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