4 Family Travel Hacks for a Stress-Free Trip

Let’s face it, planning a family vacation is hard work. You may remember the days as you traveled as a single person and were able to fit everything you needed into a backpack and only have to worry about your needs. As a parent, you have to worry about everybody else’s needs in addition to your own! Regardless of this, family trips are an incredible way to make memories and bond together. We’ve come up with some great travel hacks to help make your next family trip go as smoothly as possible.

1. Pack Smart

This may be the golden rule of every trip, but it is that much more important when you’re packing for young children. You have to choose the right clothes, for the right day, while taking into consideration that plans and weather can change. Stay organized by putting daily outfits (or an outfit for a specific scenario, like dinner or an outdoor outing) in its own individual bag, complete with accessories. After it’s worn, mark it as dirty so it doesn’t get mixed in with the other clean clothes.

You also want to pack as light as possible without forgetting the essentials. Even if you don’t have an infant, baby wipes are good to have in a pinch to clean faces, surfaces..etc. You also know your kids….do band aids make everything better? Can’t go anywhere without a certain stuffed animal or blanket? You’ll need to make packing sacrifices but don’t go overboard for sanity’s sake!

2. In-Flight Entertainment is King

The same goes for a road trip. As parents, you may pride yourself in keeps screen time at a minimum, but there comes a time where you’ll give your kids anything available to keep them from whining or causing a scene. Traveling is one of those times.

In the same realm of packing smart, it helps to keep a separate carry-on bag that’s dedicated to in-flight/travel entertainment. This can hold everything from snacks, coloring books, tablets, games, whatever you can think of that will keep your children occupied. Lollipops are great to have on hand, especially for planes, as sucking on them helps to ease ear pressure while keeping the kids quiet for a bit. Planning to travel around nap time can also greatly increase the successful travel experience.

On another flight note, as you may know by now…planes are either ice cold or sweltering hot. Dress your kids in layers to save packing space but also to be prepared for any temperature. This is also helpful if you have a spill. Instead of cleaning it up in a confined area, just take off the top to reveal a clean layer of clothing!

3. Spend Where You Need To, Save When You Can

Traveling as a family is notoriously expensive, no matter how hard you budget. While some things are easy to do “cheap,” there are also places where it’s worth it to spend the extra money. This is especially important when it comes to travel gear.

Travel cribs and strollers can easily add up, but you’ll find the quality of these pieces is well worth the prices. The better gear is lighter, easier to assemble, and is compact enough to fit in a large suitcase. If you’re really not up for spending, you can choose to buy inexpensive gear at your destinations, like an umbrella stroller. You can then donate it before you leave so you don’t have to worry about packing it.

So if you’re spending money on the travel equipment, you’ll want to save in as many other places as possible. Finding the right accommodations can cause a headache. Fortunately, you can score some of the best rental deals at ResortRentals.com, where you can find spacious suites for as low as $43 per night. Not only are these rental deals affordable, but they include all the comforts of home like full kitchens, private bedrooms, living and dining areas, and more. With room for everyone to spread out and have their own space, you’ll find it easy to relax at the end of a busy day!

4. Your Kids Will Surprise You!

No matter how much you stress or worry how your kids will react to new situations and unfamiliar surroundings, they will surprise you! While you need to be prepared to back down when you want to go to a fancy dinner but your toddler skipped his nap time, your children are capable of adapting and exceeding your expectations. As long as you’re flexible and are willing to understand you may not be able to hit all the spots on your must-see list, you’ll have an amazing time exploring new places and enjoying quality together time as a family.

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