Hawaii Hotel Rates Continue to Rise

Hawaii is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. Its year-long warm temperatures and inviting atmosphere keep millions of travelers coming back to visit. However, hotel accommodations in the island state can be hard to come by, and available units are often pricy. This month, Hawaii hotel rates rose by 7%, a trend that will most likely continue heading into the holiday season and winter months.

Why Hotel Prices in Hawaii are Skyrocketing

Hawaii is a vacation destination that is constantly in high demand. With many tourists hailing from places like North America and Northern Europe, winter is the most desirable time of year to visit the Pacific archipelago. The 7% hike in hotel rates this month comes as no surprise, as many hotel companies seek to cash in on the high demand.

Like airline tickets, Hawaii hotel rates are prone to sharp increases during the winter months. However, this marks a trend that has been apparent in the global hotel industry for the past year. Yahoo reports that hotel rates worldwide have risen by 4% in 2014, which suggests a trend that could continue into 2015. This means that your Hawaii vacation costs may rise as well in the coming years.

Hawaii Resort Rentals

Many travelers see booking hotel accommodations as their only lodging option, but more affordable options exist all around the world with resort rentals. Each year, thousands of vacation property owners decide to rent their travel accommodations, providing cost-efficient solutions for those traveling on a budget. Since these prices are set by people—not corporations—nightly and weekly rates tend to be much lower than hotel rooms.

Resort rentals are available at vacation resorts all around the world. With Hawaii being one of the most popular destinations on the globe, ResortRentals.com features dozens of available rentals in Hawaiian villas, condos, suites, and more.

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