What to Consider Before Your Kids’ First Disney Trip

What to Consider Before Your Kids’ First Disney Trip

Many families consider the first Disney trip an exciting milestone to experience the magic and make lifelong memories. But there are a lot of things to consider before planning that first trip. One of the biggest questions asked is what’s the best age for Disney?

Here are some tips to help you decide if your kids are ready for Disney and make your (and your kids’) first trip an unforgettable one!

Best Age for Disney?

Unfortunately, there is no one answer for the best age for Disney. A lot depends on your individual child. You have to consider how much they will be able to enjoy the overall experience. Can they ride the rides? Do they want to? Are they interested in meeting the characters? Do you want to push them around in a stroller or will they tolerate walking the park all day?

Those are just some things to consider regarding your child’s personality and interests. But here are some other items that might affect when you plan your first Disney trip.

Ticket Pricing

It’s no secret that Disney can get expensive quick. Bringing younger children can make things more affordable because the ticket prices drop significantly. The tickets are priced by age: 0-2 is free, then 3-9 is child ticket prices and 10+ is the adult ticket price.

Even if you enter your first day in the park before your child is 3, they are free for the entire trip. Same goes for if your child turns 10 during the vacation, they can get the child ticket price if the vacation starts before they turn 10.


Like ticket pricing, dining options are less expensive for younger children. Smaller kids have smaller appetites and therefore consume less food, simple as that! Even the dining plans have less expensive options for children if you are looking to go that route.


A lot of rides and attractions at Disney World have height requirements. The requirements range in size from 32 inches tall to 48″ inches tall. So make sure to do your research on what rides require which height so that you don’t have a disappointed child!

Magic and Memory

One of the biggest draws for a Disney vacation is seeing the wonder in the eyes of your children! It is truly a magical experience that can be heavily appreciated at a wide range of ages.

But will your child remember this experience? That may or may not matter to you, but it is something to consider. If you want your child to fully remember your first Disney trip, then it may be worth the wait.

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