13 Best US Cities to Visit in Summer

Summer is in full swing. It is a time for warmth, days by the water, late nights, and great memories. For generations, the summer vacation has been an essential part of life. This year, spend the summer exploring some top US cities to discover new and interesting places. We’ve compiled a list of the 13 best US cities to visit this summer-so get out and start exploring!

13. Kansas City, MO

Nothing says summer quite like barbecue. And nothing says barbecue quite like Kansas City. Food is easily Kansas City’s best attraction, which is consistently voted among the best in the country for barbecue. Whether it’s entire slabs of hickory-smoked ribs or just a classic all-American cheeseburger, Kansas City is the place for you.

Check out: the food, the sights, and the shops.

12. Portland, OR

Portland is known for being a young, progressive city that’s on the rise. Often overshadowed by the neighboring metropolises of San Francisco and Seattle, Portland is an absolute must-see during the summertime. The beer is top notch in Portland, known for its many breweries and brewpubs. Farmers’ markets and small caf‚s make great use of local ingredients to produce delicious cuisine.

Check out: the outdoors, the arts scene, and the food.

11. Portland, ME

Unlike its western counterpart, Portland, Maine experiences brutally snowy winters. As the city comes alive in summer, it is the perfect time to head up to Northern New England to discover the old port city. Portland has amazing seafood-its location on the rocky Maine coast allows the freshest catch to be delivered right to your plate. If there’s another thing Portland knows, it’s beer. Some of New England’s most popular microbrews call Portland home. With a relatively sleepy nightlife, Portland is the perfect place for lazy summer days.

Check out: the fish, the beer, and the ocean.

10. Honolulu, HI

This one may come as a surprise. If Honolulu is warm all year round, how is it one of the best summer destinations? Although most people head to Honolulu during the winter to escape the cold, summer is the best time of year to visit the Hawaiian capital. Hawaii’s dry season happens during the summer months, allowing for vacations filled with more sunshine and less rain. Additionally, travel to Hawaii during the summer is cheaper than the high-demand winter season.

Check out: the luaus, the beaches, and the festivities.

9. San Diego, CA

Here’s another warm city that flies under the radar during the summer. The truth is, San Diego provides vacationers with the quintessential California experience. What’s a summer vacation without a getaway to Cali? San Diego is considerably less crowded and polluted than L.A., and features clean beaches, parks, and other attractions fit for families. With a strong seaside atmosphere and easily navigable streets, San Diego will give you the ultimate California summer.

Check out: the zoo, the food, and the nightlife.

8. Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota winters can be tough. As one of the main hubs of the Northern Midwest, Minneapolis freezes in the winter, but loosens up in the summer. Praised for its cleanliness, low crime rates, and distinct atmosphere, Minneapolis is perfect for younger adults, but also older adults with children. Don’t limit yourself-its twin city St. Paul is also a great area to explore in the summertime.

Check out: the parks, the festivals, and the lakes.

7. Salt Lake City, UT

For winter sports enthusiasts, there’s no place like Salt Lake City. Utah’s largest metro also includes Park City, a haven for skiers, snowboarders and more. Despite the area’s popularity during the winter, there is also a great deal to see in the summer. Salt Lake City is becoming a great urban destination-the looming Wasatch Mountains provide the perfect backdrop to shop, eat, or find a good night out. With endless places to explore outside the city as well, Salt Lake City combines great urban and natural attractions, while maintaining a very low crime rate.

Check out: the mountains, the malls, and the lake.

6. Boston, MA

Like Portland, Maine, Boston is generally covered in snow and can experience long winters. In the summer, however, Boston comes alive. The city is rife with sights to see, from historical attractions to street festivals. Boston Harbor and the Boston Common are great places to enjoy the summer outdoors, while the city is also home to a number of museums and aquariums that will keep kids entertained.

Check out: the history, the food, and the nightlife.

5. Denver, CO

The Mile High City is one of the best destinations in the Rockies. And there is no better time to visit than the summertime. Like Salt Lake City, Denver is nestled among mountain peaks that provide ample opportunities to hike and explore. With urban attractions ranging from craft breweries to history and art museums, exploring the Denver streets during the summer will not disappoint. The city is also known for its art and music festivals, and will give travelers the full Denver experience.

Check out: the mountains, the beer, and the streets.

4. Chicago, IL

America’s third largest city experiences extremely cold winters, making summer the best time to visit Chicago. The city is incredibly clean and organized-lots of city parks and waterfront locales provide delightful places to explore. Chicago’s famous Navy Pier is also a great attraction to check out in summer. The Windy City is great for nightlife, offering many restaurants and bars for all age types. If it’s outdoor fun you’re after, you can find swimming spots along Lake Michigan within minutes of the city.

Check out: the nightlife, the waterfront, and the downtown.

3. Anchorage, AK

There is really only one time of year to see Alaska’s largest city. Since Alaskan winters are known for hundreds of inches of snow and 8 hours of daily sunlight, the best time to see America’s northernmost city is in summer. Contrary to popular belief, Anchorage warms up quite well in the summer-with high temperatures reaching around 66 degrees Fahrenheit. Days are long and activities are abundant, whether you want to explore the nearby Denali National Park or spend some time in the city.

Check out: the cruises, the museums, and the mountains.

2. Providence, RI

The country’s smallest state features a capital city that springs to life in the summer. This charming port city of about 200,000 is one of the oldest cities in New England. Like Boston, history is abundant in Providence. Plenty of museums and other attractions provide unique insight to colonial New England. Providence is also a statewide hub for foodies and partygoers, with many restaurants and bars spread out citywide. Visitors also love WaterFire, a series of bonfires lit in the middle of the city’s three rivers.

Check out: the nightlife, the history, and the shopping.

1. Seattle, WA

Many people think of rain when they think of Seattle. However, summer is Seattle’s dry season, where temperatures can rise to 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. As Seattle only experiences an average of 71 sunny days per year, it is a must-see destination during the summer. The Emerald City is an incredibly beautiful and unique one-Seattle is known for its music, its coffee, and its fish, but there is actually a huge foodie scene emerging there. Generally young and energetic, Seattle emanates a big-city feel without the crowds and pollution of New York or L.A.

Check out: the cuisine, the coffee, and the Space Needle.

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