2014’s Best Holiday Vacation Destinations

For generations, people all over the world have traveled home for the holidays. However, a new trend is taking hold in the vacation industry–destination holidays. More and more people each year are deciding to travel to destinations all over the world during the winter months to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Eve. Where are they going in particular? Check out this list of the best holiday vacation destinations.

5. New England

America’s tiny and perhaps most historic Northeastern states provide a beautiful and scenic winter destination. Nothing will put you in the holiday spirit more than snow-covered trees, ice skating on frozen ponds, and the old colonial-style architecture that defines much of the region. Boston, the beating heart of New England, does the holiday season right with tree lighting ceremonies at Faneuil Hall, First Night celebrations for New Year’s, and holiday shows by the Boston Pops. Other locations with similar attractions include Providence, Rhode Island; Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Portland, Maine; and Burlington, Vermont.

4. Hawaii

Some travelers from North America and Europe seek to get away from the biting cold of winter and travel somewhere warm during the holidays. Hawaii is the perfect place to escape those sub-freezing temperatures while still keeping the holiday spirit alive. The last weeks of December are peak travel times on the islands, but the lush green paradise offers a much-needed respite for travelers from colder places. The warm weather will lighten your mood during the holidays, while the world-renowned New Years Eve parties in Honolulu are reason enough to visit.

3. Sweden

Northern Europe provides a unique holiday atmosphere each winter, with Sweden leading the pack in scenery and attractions. Although parts of Sweden above the Arctic Circle can be brutally cold in winter, southern regions tend to stay relatively mild in December and early January. Stockholm, the nation’s capital, provides a unique Scandinavian experience during the holidays. The coastal city of Malmö is perfect for browsing through shops or admiring the winter landscape along the Øresund. Not far away across the Øresund bridge is Copenhagen, which offers plenty of additional Danish attractions for you to enjoy. No matter where you choose to spend your holiday getaway, Sweden will provide you with plenty to do and see. You may even spot a reindeer!

2. Colorado

America’s most popular winter sports destination is also a great place to visit during the holidays. Family-friendly and filled with dazzling natural and manmade attractions, Colorado offers plenty to do during the winter months. Popular skiing spots like Vail and Aspen provide world-class slopes and a charming celebratory atmosphere throughout New Year’s Eve, while the Denver area boasts a number of urban attractions and festivities. With a large amount of luxury accommodations spread throughout the state, finding a place to stay in Colorado during the holidays won’t be a problem.

1. Canada

With the rise in holiday vacations, Canada has emerged as a popular destination for tourists all over the world. Quebec City is a Canadian destination surging in popularity, offering European-style architecture within a quaint walled city. The Lower Town district offers narrow streets filled with shops that come to life with lights and decorations each holiday season. In the West, Whistler is an immensely popular destination centered around skiing and snowboarding. However, if the slopes aren’t for you, the small-town feel and colorfully illuminated trees will provide the ideal setting for your vacation.

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