Some of 2017’s Best Golf Courses

Golfer’s Day is less than a week away (Monday April 10th, for those who were curious), and we’re sure that as the weather warms up you are ready to dust off the clubs and get back into the swing of things—literally! In browsing Golf Digest’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses in America, we picked some of our favorites to highlight here. Which one do you want to play the most?

Pine Valley Golf Club, New Jersey

First up on our list of best golf courses in the U.S. is Pine Valley, located conveniently in Pine Valley, New Jersey. This par 70 course features 7,101 yards of beautifully landscaped greens and fairways. The unique character of this course shines and experts have raved about the unparalleled architectural elements featured here.

This course may not be for amateurs, as it presents unforgiving bunkers and dunes. This demanding course forces you to expertly navigate the vast fairways and greens in order to keep up to par. It is easy to see why Pine Valley Golf Club has the reputation of being the best and hardest course in the world. Think you have what it takes?

Cypress Point Club, California

Travel to the shores of Pebble Beach where you will find the spectacular Cypress Points Club. This par 72, 6,524 yard course will take your breath away with holes in wooded areas, dunes, and even seaside. The final two holes stretch along the sea, allowing you to stand on the outer west point of the country and feel the cool ocean air.

With a handful of easier holes, this course is ideal for a wide variety of skill levels, but it is certain all who golf here will be taken aback by by the grounds and surrounding scenes. The Club itself upholds their strong history and tradition with a small locker room, old wooden finishings, and a burning fireplace.

Sand Hill Golf Club, Nebraska

Mullen, Nebraska is home to Sand Hill Golf Club, a par 71, 7,089 yard course. The course itself was more so discovered as opposed to designed. The land was discovered with naturally occurring fairways and green areas. Creators Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw merely moved just 4,000 cubic yards of earth and then allowed Mother Nature to do the rest. As such, this is the most natural golf course in all of America.

Because of its natural setting, golfers enjoy a peaceful yet isolated feeling while surrounded by the beauty of Nebraska. The fairways are spacious and generous, making it a must-play course for all levels. You’re still bound to find yourself in many of the natural occurring bunkers, but you’ll likely be enjoying the atmosphere too much to mind terribly.

The Ocean Course, South Carolina

Set on the grounds of the Kiawah Island Golf Resort, Ocean Course offers a par 72 course with 7,356 yards of stunning fairways and greens. The course was originally designed in 1991 for the Ryder Cup. Husband and wife Peter and Alice Dye worked together to create a true golfing masterpiece. Situated along three miles of ocean coast, the course is structured with perched fairways and greens so that you are able to view the Atlantic waters with every stroke.

Each hole offers its own unique qualities and challenges. With tricky slopes, scattered bunkers and dunes, and fierce coastal winds, golfers are known to find this course pleasantly difficult. The beauty and flow of The Ocean Course will leave you wanting to come back and play it again as soon as possible.

What do you think are the best golf courses to play this year? Regardless of where you choose, find affordable accommodations with our help. Browse our selection of rental deals for your next golf getaway!

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