3 Perks of a Delayed Honeymoon

3 Perks of a Delayed Honeymoon

A honeymoon is a truly special occurrence. After you’ve married the love of your life, you two get to jet off to a romantic destination and spend quality alone time as newlyweds. However, going on your honeymoon directly from your wedding can result in unnecessary stress, not allowing you to fully enjoy your wedding day.

More and more couples are taking advantage of the delayed honeymoon concept. A delayed honeymoon is exactly what it sounds like—when a couple chooses to postpone their honeymoon trip and not take it directly after their wedding day. There is no set time to delay a honeymoon, but couples will typically take this trip within the first year of their marriage.

Why is a delayed honeymoon a good idea for some couples? Here are some of the top reasons you may want to consider.

1. More Time to Save Up

If you’re in the process of planning a wedding, you very well know how expensive it is. Even a smaller, DIY wedding can be a bigger cost than you expect. So budgeting for a wedding and then an immediate honeymoon might be too big a pill to swallow. If you space the two events out, you’ll have time to recover from your wedding and work on building your savings back up to plan the honeymoon of your dreams.

Whether you wait a couple of months or a full year, you’ll put less stress on yourself and your wallet having that extra time to earn cash. Not to mention, wedding guests often give you cash as a gift which can be put towards your trip!

2. You’ll Be More Relaxed

Traveling is stressful. So is wedding planning. Can you imagine sprinting from your wedding to catch a flight for your honeymoon? That means having to be packed and ready before your wedding even takes place! Putting some time between your wedding and your honeymoon allows you to recover from the excitement of the ceremony and the exhaustion of planning. Then, once you catch your breath, you can fully enjoy your honeymoon without feeling like you need to nap the first two days.

Additionally, planning a trip, elaborate or not, is no small task. And planning a wedding is a huge ordeal. So consider giving yourself a break! Commit yourself fully to planning the wedding and then take your time to give your honeymoon your full attention!

3. Spend More Time With Wedding Guests From Out of Town

If you have close friends or family who are traveling for your wedding, you’ll likely want to spend some quality time with them. During your wedding day, you are going to have so many pictures to take, so many people to briefly say hi to, and plenty of dancing to do—leaving no real time to catch up with your loved ones.

Having a delayed honeymoon gives you the opportunity to enjoy the company of your friends and family that you might not otherwise see in the days following the wedding. Instead of a brief embrace and quick “thank you for coming” at the wedding, you can enjoy a sit-down meal and catch up with those who matter most to you.

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