5 Must-Have Free Travel Apps for Easier Summer Trips

Summer is fully upon us, and now is the time to get out and vacation! Whether it’s a warm weather paradise or a typically cold and snowy destination coming to life, the summer season is the perfect time of year to plan your escape from the daily grind.

However, for many, that’s easier said than done.

Trip planning takes time, money, and some serious preparation. Depending on your destination, you may need to lock down information on different flights, anticipate language barriers, or plan an itinerary. Because getting all your vacation ducks in a row can prove to be such a challenge, we’ve compiled a list of our five favorite free travel apps to help you out!

#1. Hopper

Source: www.hopper.com

Source: www.hopper.com

Finding the best deals on flights is a constant challenge. Some say that the best time to book a flight is in the middle of the week during the small hours of the morning, but there are no guarantees that will get you the best rates. However, Hopper solves that problem for many beleaguered vacation planners.

Once you download the app, you’ll be able to plug in your desired trip. Enter your travel dates and destinations, and Hopper will save that information as it searches for the best prices. The best part about the app, however, is that Hopper will actually provide recommendations on when to book your flight and alert you when rates drop below normal price. It’s a must-have for any travel deal seeker!

#2. Google Translate

Source: translate.googleblog.com

Source: translate.googleblog.com

This one is a no brainer for those visiting destinations with a different language. Google’s easy-to-use translator effortlessly translates anything you type into the app, instantly providing the best possible translation into your own language. The app can even translate over 50 different languages when you’re offline!

But, it’s Google Translate’s bonus features that earn it the number two spot on our list. The app can use your phone to translate two-way conversations seamlessly, making important information easy to convey to locals. Additionally, after Google’s purchase of Word Lens, you can use your phone’s camera to instantly translate signs, directions, instructions, and more!

#3. TripIt

free travel apps

Source: www.tripit.com

You don’t have to go it alone when it comes to planning your trip. TripIt makes outlining a travel itinerary super easy, with a simple concept and interface to help you get from A to B. Travelers can simply forward their flight details, hotel reservations, car rental confirmations and more to the app, and it will render all the necessary information in an itinerary directly on your mobile device.

Perfect for people who travel for work or those coordinating travel for large groups or families, TripIt offers a different level of connectivity and simplicity that other online itineraries just can’t match. The app allows you to sync travel information with your calendar, and the paid version of the app unlocks bonus features like flight alerts, rewards program tracking, and more.

#4. Gas Buddy

free travel apps

Source: www.gasbuddy.com

Many travelers rely on renting a car for their primary mode of transportation during their trip. For those traveling to a destination or city that they’re not familiar with, gas prices can run up your transportation budget and lead to unnecessary costs during your vacation. Luckily, Gas Buddy has a convenient solution.

Using location services, Gas Buddy renders an interactive map of the destination you’re in, and displays gas prices at different stations located in your area. You can view all the gas stations in your current area and what prices they currently offer. The information is submitted directly by other users, so you can ensure that no tampering is allowed by third parties. Overpaying for gas is now a thing of the past!

#5. Localeur

free travel apps

Source: www.ibtimes.com

One of the coolest free travel apps out there, Localeur enables tourists to become travelers. When you’re on vacation, it is so easy to fall into the rabbit hole of popular tourist attractions that prevents you from truly experiencing your destination. Localeur gathers real information and reviews from locals in certain destinations to give visitors an idea of where they can find the best food, nightlife, and attractions.

Currently only available in 25 cities, Localeur is a fast-growing app that users love for its honest recommendations and community-friendly features. Locals can make lists of their favorite spots, rate local businesses, and share their opinions with friends and interested visitors, creating trustworthy outlooks on how to capture the true essence of a place.

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