5 Tips to Have Sustainable Wildlife Encounters While on Vacation

5 Ways to Support Ethical Wildlife Encounters on Your Next Vacation

September 4th is National Wildlife Day and to help bring awareness to preservation and conservation of various species around the world, ResortRentals.com’s experts have a few tips to ensure your wildlife encounters while on your sustainable vacations are human and honest:

Do you research on wildlife excursion vendors

Though it’s exciting to be spontaneous while on vacation and book a last-minute nature tour, taking the time to research your vendor options for wildlife excursions on vacations is essential to supporting moral business practices. Not only can you learn more about the mission of these vendors, but you can make an informed decision about those you want to fund with your money. Spend some time online reviewing, learn more about what makes an eco-friendly wildlife tour actually eco-friendly, and then book with local businesses that do what’s best for all animals and vegetation that lives around them.

Visit animals in their natural habitat

Though facilities like circuses, marine parks, and other captive-animal displays are often convenient to see many animals all in one place, it’s been proven time and time again that animals are healthiest and happiest when allowed to roam free in their natural environment. One of the best and truest ways to experience these creatures is through a wildlife tour where you’re inserted into their environment instead of the other way around. Safaris, whale watching charters, bird watching tours, snorkeling, and scuba diving can be found around the globe. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll get to see and what you can learn from your guides who frequent these areas every day.

Keep your distance and respect the animals

First things first, it’s essential to follow the rules set in place by your excursion vendor and the tour guides bringing you along for the journey. These rules are for the safety of you, others on the tour, and the animals you are seeing. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about boundaries and be sure to give these animals space while you observe them. Touching and handling these animals for the purpose of entertainment is very dangerous, could impact their health, and can encourage unethical animal practices. When in doubt, just enjoy experiencing the animals and all of their beauty from a distance.

Leave environments better than when you arrived

You should always be sure to pick up after yourself when you’re leaving a destination, but never be afraid of going the extra mile. Recycle those water bottles someone left behind on the last tour, throw away the trash you see piling up outside of the garbage can, or snag that plastic you saw floating by as you were snorkeling. You’re not only helping the local environment that these animals depend on to survive, but you’re aiding an even bigger goal to help the world’s ecosystem.

Learn new ways to assist these environments past your excursion

One of the greatest parts about wildlife conservation is that so many people around the world are passionate about the topic and also looking to help these animals and environments. Sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers are a great place to start. They can often be found around your favorite wildlife vacation destinations and are always in need of donations. Sometimes, they even offer volunteer opportunities where you can learn more about various species and make a difference in an animal’s life. Learn about all the ways you can support these creatures and ensure their homes are protected for years to come.

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