5 Travel Apps You Need for Your Trip

Travel, like most things in life, is still adjusting to the fast-paced times we live in. As travel agencies shrink and online vacation planning and travel guide services grow, the industry around us is constantly changing. For you, the traveler, this is a good thing—more is available at the palm of your hand than ever before. More flight options, more places to stay, more educational resources, more everything! Many of these options can be downloaded as apps on your smartphone for optimal convenience. To help bring you up to speed, we’ve highlighted five of our favorite travel apps for you to try before your next trip!

#1. Headout

If you’ve just arrived at a new destination, finding something fun to do can be easier said than done. Even if you have a list of things you want to check out, certain locations may feature spontaneous attractions and events you wouldn’t otherwise know about. That’s where Headout comes in! Headout helps you find events, live shows, and more all in whichever destination you find yourself in—the perfect opportunity to get out and explore!

#2. Dark Sky

Dark Sky ranks second in our list of travel apps, although it isn’t particularly made for travel. A comprehensive weather app, Dark Sky offers real-time reporting of weather conditions and forecasts. As a traveler, you may find yourself in an unfamiliar area with unfamiliar weather norms—simply open Dark Sky and view chances of precipitation, temperature predictions, and other weather projections so you can plan ahead.

#3. Audible

Yes, you may have heard of Kindle, and yes, you may love taking your collection of ebooks with you wherever you go, but Audible presents a new option. Listen to audio recordings of your favorite titles when you travel easily and seamlessly with this app from Amazon. What’s more, you can sync your Audible app with your Kindle app to start playback from a certain book right where you left off reading previously! With millions of titles, Audible is the perfect solution for curing travel boredom, especially for drivers.

#4. Guides by Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet has long been a fan-favorite when it comes to fully fleshed-out guides to specific destinations and attractions. Now, with their useful app, you can take their guides on the go! Read up about your target destination, including things to do, places to see, restaurants to check out, and more. International travelers can also make use of an integrated translation system to help you communicate in local languages!

#5. Google Translate

Speaking of helping you communicate, the best translation tool exists with Google Translate. Supporting over 100 languages, this app will help you interpret everything from street signs to restaurant menus. Converse with locals by typing what you want to say in real-time, or use your phone’s camera to snap pictures of any writing, and watch it translate into English right before your eyes!

Download Travel Apps to Help with Your Trip!

The above travel apps are easy to download and even easier to use, guaranteeing you have a seamless travel experience. Having entertaining and efficient tools for you trip is one thing, but easily booking a trip is another—if you’re on the hunt for an exciting new getaway, check out the last minute resort rentals in our inventory to save thousands of dollars on accommodations at high-quality properties worldwide!

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