5 Types of Travel Technology that Make Vacationing Easier

The Best Travel Tech for Vacationers to Use

It’s no surprise like with most things, travel technology has improved immensely over the past twenty years. Gone are the days of travelers calling an airline to see when they can book a flight—now people rely on websites that compare the price of flights across multiple airlines. Not only do these technologies make booking vacations easier, but many are also designed to make the whole travel process simple. Here are just a few of the top travel tech items you’ll want to use before and during your next vacation:

1. Travel Review Websites

In addition to asking a concierge at your resort or speaking to locals about their favorite activities in the area, there are equally as useful resources like online travel reviews which allow vacationers to learn about nearby places like restaurants, attractions, and accommodations before they even arrive at their destination. Websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp not only give other vacationers the opportunity to discuss their honest opinions on easy-to-use forums, but they also provide these businesses the chance to interact with those who use their services and make improvements to their customer experiences.

2. Digital Boarding Passes

Many people have experienced that moment of panic when they get to the airport and can’t find their boarding pass in their pockets. It was the shtick for so many movies and television shows because it was so relatable. Luckily, people have to worry about these last-minute problems less and less with digital boarding passes. You can keep your boarding pass available on your phone, scan into your flight, and never have to worry about losing the small piece of paper that could determine whether or not you’re able to get on the plane.

3. Instant Translators

Though not totally perfected, online translators like Google Translator or Linguee are essential while traveling abroad for communicating easily and quickly with locals. Instead of fumbling through a translation book, you can simply type a question or statement into your phone and a mostly-decipherable translation will be repeated back for you to say or share. Even if full sentences are not totally accurate, it can at the very least help quickly start a dialogue with someone you might need assistance from while traveling.

4. GPS Apps

Asking for directions from locals while on vacation can be difficult when you don’t know the area well or don’t speak the same language. GPS apps like Google Maps and Waze have made it easier to find addresses, identify the fastest route, and provide estimated times of arrival for a number of modes of transportation. Instead of carrying outdated maps around, you’ll receive the most current roadways that include features like traffic reports and turn-by-turn instructions all from your phone so you don’t even have to haul around anything extra.

5. Online Accommodation Reservations

Booking resort rentals used to be a hassle—you’d have to contact the resort, speak to representatives from the resort team, and pay their high price points in order to book their rooms. Now, there are options available like resort rental websites which provide interested vacationers the opportunity to shop around and compare prices directly on a single website. For example, ResortRentals.com offers some of the best prices around for last-minute luxury resort rental deals with options in some of the most popular vacation destinations around the world like Orlando Florida, Las Vegas Nevada, and Hilton Head Island South Carolina. Never again about overpaying and stay at some of the top resort properties for travelers!

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