5 Underrated Must-Have Travel Items You’ll Want to Pack for Your Next Trip

5 Must-Have Travel Accessories You Might Not Have Thought Of

It’s National Shop for Travel Day and we know that many people are getting prepared for their winter vacations! It’s an exciting time to start the planning process and we want you to remember all of the essentials—even these overlooked must have travel items! Our experts have put together a list of the top five underrated items you’ll want to pack to ensure a great vacation from start to finish.

1. Sanitary Wipes

Let’s face it, the process of traveling isn’t fun or often sanitary. Airplanes, trains, and other public transportation are riddled with germs and the last thing anyone wants is to get sick while on vacation. Wet wipes make it easy to clean off handles, tray tables, and even your own hands. They’re even helpful past the airport and while you’re actively on your vacation. Protect you and your loved ones from sickness so you don’t miss out on any of the fun during your travels. Just be sure to place the wipes into a secondary plastic bag as many sanitary wipe packages tend to leak.

2. External Phone Battery

It’s no surprise you might be actively using your phone more on vacation than you would during your normal day-to-day. Between taking pictures, looking up activities and attractions, and utilizing Maps, your phone’s battery will drain pretty quickly. Fortunately, external USB batteries exist! Depending on the size of the battery, you might be able to charge your phone once, twice, or three times over. Never again will you have to worry of being without it or missing out on taking those incredible Instagram-worthy photos.

3. A Few Good Pens

This might seem like a simple item, but it’s one that goes a long way. Having one or two good gel or ballpoint pens with you while on vacation can make many mundane travel tasks simpler and faster. Immigration forms and signing receipts are two of the top reasons to keep a pen in your bag, but there’s always a chance you’ll need to write something down, especially if you forget to pack that external USB battery we mentioned and your phone dies while you’re out and about! So, put a pen in your bag, you’ll thank us later!

4. Rain Gear

No one wants to necessarily think about the possibility of rain ruining a day or an afternoon of their next vacation, but you never know what the weather will bring. It’s always suggested to have at least one item of rain gear in your suitcase, especially if you’re traveling somewhere where the probability of rain is higher (we’re looking at you, Florida and the Caribbean.) So, pack that rain jacket, poncho, or umbrella so you can spend less time worrying about a ruined outfit and more time enjoying all of your favorite vacationing activities.

5. Compression Bags and/or Packing Cubes

For those who tend to overpack for their trips, space-saving compression bags (that don’t require a vacuum) and packing cubes are an ideal way to get all of your travel items into a suitcase. Both items help you save space as well as offer other benefits like protection from dirt/liquids, less creasing in your clothing, and a more organized bag which makes it significantly easier to find the items you need. Packing cubes are also great for a number of travel items that aren’t clothes like chargers/cables, toiletries, and more.

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