5 Ways Educational Travel Adventures Can Make You Better

How Educational and Volunteer Vacations Benefit Travelers

Educational travel adventures allow you to see parts of the world you might not have ever explored and are crucial to personal development. During these trips, your boundaries and knowledge are tested which, in turn, is thought to help you become a better person. Though some might argue there is a distinction between the words traveling and vacationing, Resort Rentals believes experiences in any place outside of your home are opportunities to improve. We can think of just a few of the ways travel and vacations help people grow:

1. It provides insight to other cultures and traditions

It can be hard to imagine living any other way of life than your normal day-to-day, but travel gives you the chance to experience what an average morning on the Caribbean is like, what celebrating Diwali means to Indian culture, and the ancient runes of Europe. These adventures allow your beliefs and priorities to be challenged or strengthened, and lets you form your own opinions of these incredible and diverse places. There are some things you need to see for yourself to understand, and travel is the way for you to experience these differences and appreciate how unique each destination can be.

2. You learn new levels of patience and mindfulness

Traveling can be frustrating—there is no denying it. Between lines, miscommunications, delays, lost items, language barriers, and everything in between, you might find yourself flustered during your trip. Though these times can be trying, they are helping mold you to be a compassionate, more patient, and mindful person. Overcoming these obstacles in a positive way is not only an accomplishment you can appreciate, but also an opportunity for you to practice your problem-solving abilities without every small drawback ruining what will be a wonderful vacation.

3. It can provide you with new perspectives

It can be difficult to know what other parts of the world are like when you have only ever seen it online or in a textbook. Traveling provides you the chance to learn about these places first-hand and might even inspire you to live differently after your trip is complete. Maybe you have a new appreciation for your home, or the ecotourism destination you visited has motivated you to live a greener lifestyle. These vacations can help shape your opinions, provide you with new ideas, and encourage you to to live a life that not only makes you happy but improves your surroundings.

4. You have the opportunity to give back

In the process of learning about what’s important to other cultures, you also learn about what is important to you. Many young travelers have begun participating in volunteer vacations around the world, or finding ways to volunteer while on a trip. Taking a week or a day to give back to the community that welcomed you during your vacation is a great way to make a difference to someone or something. Whether you are passionate about helping animals, the homeless, the environment, or anything in between, you will expand your way of thinking and learn just how important it is to be kind.

5. It gives you the chance to meet new people and try new things

Though a cliche expression, “Get outside of your comfort zone,” holds plenty of truth. Maybe you learned how to read a map for the first time, have begun to speak a new language to communicate easier with locals, struck up a conversation with someone at your resort, or tried a food you never thought you’d eat. Your sense of adventure can be renewed while traveling, which in turn can help you become more open to different experiences. The confidence you can gain from these small tasks can be a catalyst for making significant and positive life changes once you return home.

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