The 7 Best Travel Podcasts You Need to Subscribe To

Podcasts are becoming a staple of everyday life. More and more people across the globe turn to radio-style programs on their devices to fill their morning commutes with entertainment or to make chores around the house more engaging. Recent years have seen an explosion in both the quantity and popularity of podcasts, with everything from stories about historical events, to murder mysteries, to all the buzz around the hottest TV shows and movies being downloaded and consumed on a daily basis.

Among the hordes of podcasts, however, is a resource for travel enthusiasts. Travel podcasts can range in subject matter from simple destination-based travel guides full of information to deep discussions on how to get started as a serious traveler and travel efficiently. For your listening pleasure, we’ve compiled a list of seven of the best travel podcasts to download before your next major trip.

#1. Amateur Traveler

While host Chris Christensen isn’t quite an amateur traveler any longer, his podcast is one of the top ranked in the genre. Amateur Traveler provides an in-depth look at specific travel destinations. There are currently more than 500 episodes available, making it one of the largest and most thorough travel podcasts available. Christensen keeps his content fresh by inviting local experts on his show to talk about whatever destination he’s in, giving prospective travelers some much-needed insider advice before they take off.

#2. Indie Travel Podcast

Our number two selection is another massive program with more than 300 episodes to its name. Indie Travel Podcast is run by a New Zealand couple who left their home ten years ago and live a location-independent lifestyle in different countries worldwide. Their discussions involve how to make it as an independent traveler, such as finding work in a new community and finding the cash to keep traveling. With episodes ranging in theme from location guides, to tips and tricks, and even examining local cultures, this one is a must-download for anyone who wants to hit the road and never look back.

#3. Travel with Rick Steves

Rick Steves, a well-known public television show host and travel author, takes to the podcast airwaves with his hour-long program. Each week, Steves discusses a new topic around travel, conversing with callers and special guests about the intricacies of traveling. What results is a resource good for anyone looking to gain valuable insights on destinations in Europe as well as the rest of the world.

#4. Zero to Travel

Another success story, Zero to Travel is headed by Jason Moore, a practiced and proved independent traveler. This show focuses on the finer details of finally cutting ties and committing to a life on the road. Moore puts his experience on display during shows, discussing how to find jobs, earn money, and stay dedicated to the passion of living life wherever you want. Perfect for those looking to gain a new experience before settling down, this podcast will leave you with the inspiration to live your dream.

#5. The Season Pass

Three self-confessed theme park nuts form The Season Pass, a show which focuses on discussing and reviewing rides and experiences at different parks around the world. Millions of people travel each year to some sort of theme park, making this podcast an essential for traveling families or fellow enthusiasts. Listen to Doug, Robert, and Brent talk about their personal experiences visiting some of the world’s best and most fun theme parks, and hear commentary from special guests as you plan your next excursion.

#6. The Budget Minded Traveler

Travel has long been associated with expenses, with many people deferring their dream of traveling due to lack of sufficient funds. However, those days are over with The Budget Minded Traveler. This podcast walks listeners through the processes of traveling on a budget, be it finding affordable flights, efficient places to stay, or how to save money on food and drink. Host Jackie Nourse fills episodes with personal tales of hitchhiking and couch-surfing, while also bringing on guests to share their unique experiences.

#7. Extra Pack of Peanuts

Last, but certainly not least, EPP is a staple in the arena of travel podcasts. Hosts Travis and Heather have committed to a life of traveling and discovering new and interesting experiences along the way. The show focuses on highlighting specific destinations as well as providing overall travel tips for those seeking to travel more efficiently. Learn how to properly use frequent flyer miles to your advantage, how to get the best deals on accommodations, and even how to pack your bags for optimal efficiency.

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