8 Really Awesome Reasons to Rent at a Luxury Resort

When it comes to vacation lodging, there is an overwhelming number of options. From resorts and hotels, to cottages and vacation rentals, you have some choices to make. You’ll want to consider price, size, proximity to various attractions, and on-site amenities. If you want the most bang for your buck, you will want to rent a resort suite. Why, you ask? We’ve come up with eight great reasons why renting with ResortRentals.com will give you the most unforgettable vacation experience possible, without limiting any of your options.


1. Endless Choices

With ResortRentals.com, we offer resorts all over the world. No matter your destination, we will have a great selection of inventory for you. Are you bringing the whole family, or is it just you and your spouse? Not to worry! Rentals range from studios all the way up to three-bedroom suites. Each resort also offers its own unique amenities, so it is easy to find the resort that offers the best options for you. Finally, renting a resort offers you the ability to choose a different place every single year. Don’t settle for one vacation–save money and travel the world each summer!


2. Upscale Features

When searching, you’ll find that all these suites are spacious and well-appointed. Just within the suite itself you will find high end amenities such as private balconies, whirlpool tubs, a washer and dryer, and full kitchens. Venture out into the resort and you’ll find even more luxury—lobby fire places, infinity pools, lazy rivers, and poolside bars are just a few! It’s not hard to find a resort that offers unique features to make your vacation more convenient and enjoyable.


3. Space

Renting a suite from a resort gives you the option to have more space to relax. Many resorts offer multi-bedroom units that often feel like a luxury apartment, rather than a stuffy hotel room. If you’re bringing kids or lots of friends, you have the option to space everyone out in separate bedrooms. But you’ll also have a conjoined living area so that you can all spend quality time together. A week of vacation spent in a cramped hotel room can take a lot of fun out of the opportunity, so rent at one of our resorts for that little extra space you need.


4. Privacy

With these full units, you will be able to relax in the privacy of your own suite. Many resorts offer lockout units so you can choose how private you want to be, and since the suites can be so large, you won’t feel like you are on top of other units. Enjoy a private balcony or patio, to bask the outdoors in your own secluded area. Unlike those thin-walled hotel rooms, you can enjoy full peace and quiet—or let the kids be loud!


5. Entertainment on Site

Luxury resorts often offer great things to do right on site, so you don’t have to stray far for a good time! When looking for the perfect resort, see if they have pools and fitness centers, or bars, casinos and scheduled live performances. Resorts also often have scheduled activities for all ages such as aerobics classes, volleyball tournaments, and craft nights. If you’re looking for more private activities, you can even retreat to your own suite where you can watch movies from the resort’s DVD library, enjoy a soak in your own whirlpool tub, or cook dinner together as a family.


6. Food Options

Most resort suites come with a kitchen or kitchenette for the convenience of cooking from your own room. Cooking food is a great way to save money on vacation. Resorts also usually have at least one or two on-site restaurant options so you don’t need to travel to eat out. For an afternoon snack check out a poolside bar! Whatever you need, luxury resorts make it easy to have multiple dining options on vacation.


7. Exploration

While resort suites offer many reasons to stay onsite, they also make a great home base for exploring the surrounding area. Luxury resorts offer great resources for you to wander around and see various sites. Many resorts offer car or shuttle services to take you where you need to go, and concierge services are very helpful for informing you of the best local spots to check out.


8. Save Money

Last, but certainly not least, you will save money when you rent a resort suite through ResortRentals.com. Our rental units are available by-owner and are 70% off official resort prices. So the choice is yours—you can stay in a confined, stuffy hotel room, or enjoy endless amenities, perks, and activities by staying in a resort rental suite.

Curiosity piqued? Start planning your picture perfect getaway by browsing our awesome inventory!

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