9 Places to Go in the Fall

It’s November, and that means winter is coming. Time to cram in those last few outdoor activities before the snow starts to fall.

Fall is one of the shortest seasons in the year, and once the leaves start dropping, winter will be here before you know it. This leaves little time to go out and explore stunning fall locations across the U.S. that will make the season complete, so you better get moving! Here is our list of 9 places to go this fall.

9. Rhode Island

Despite Rhode Island’s tiny size, fall is among the best times of year to see the state. Providence’s summer atmosphere lingers into October, with downtown bonfires and outdoor nightlife. Even though there isn’t much countryside to see in Rhode Island, you can still spot those classic fall colors in northwestern parts of the state. Massachusetts is a short drive away, offering more opportunities to explore.

8. South Carolina

Our number 8 may come as a surprise to some. When people think of places to see in the fall, they usually think of states in the Northeast or even some parts of Canada, but South Carolina is a great destination in the autumn months. The hot, humid summer weather breaks around October, and cooler temperatures make exploring historic places like Charleston much easier. Looking for quintessential fall foliage? Head out west to the Spartanburg area to get your fill.

7. Vermont

As the only landlocked state in New England, Vermont isn’t a particularly popular summer destination. However, fall is different. Watch the Green Mountains turn shades of red, orange, and yellow before your eyes. Travel to different places in Vermont to try the microbrews and fall-themed beer made and sold locally. Lake Champlain is still an amazing area to be around, even in colder months.

6. Colorado

Although the Rocky Mountain State is most famous for its skiing and winter sports destinations, autumn is a great time to visit. The varying elevations bring stunning changes in color to the foliage, while comfortable temperatures encourage hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities. Don’t be afraid to venture into the city, though. Denver’s Great American Beer Festival takes place every October, and cannot be passed up.

5. New Mexico

I know what you’re thinking. Why visit the middle of the desert in fall? Answer: harvest season. New Mexico is a great place to visit to experience culture, history, and most of all, food. Each autumn, fresh chiles are harvested and make their way into delicious Southwest dishes. Additionally, you cannot pass up the unique festivals. The Whole Enchilada Fiesta takes place in Las Cruces, where volunteers attempt to create the world’s largest enchilada.

4. Massachusetts

Located in the heart of New England, Massachusetts is always a great place to see in the fall. From the metropolis of Boston to the sleepy Berkshires in the west, you can see classic fall colors statewide. Comfortable temperatures make exploring the city much easier, and the sea breeze throughout Cape Cod remains pleasant into October.

3. New York

You’re probably thinking of Upstate New York as a great fall destination, but any part of the state is great to see in autumn. The Catskills region offers incomparable sights and colors, but the city is also a beautiful location. Get your foliage fix in Central Park, while exploring all the city has to offer in comfortable temperatures.

2. Maine

Maine is rich with wide forests, tall peaks, and craggy coastlines, making it perfect for fall exploration. Bar Harbor is an amazing place to explore in autumn, especially Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island. Head up North to areas like Moosehead Lake and Mt. Kahtadin for solitary excursions into nature.

1. New Hampshire

The Granite State is an incredible fall destination. Long stretches of highway curve among the White Mountains and glow with reds, oranges, and yellows. The Lakes Region keeps the spirit of summer alive through the harvest. The towns along the Seacoast offer plenty to do and see on the water.

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