Celebrate Earth Day by Planning a Visit to Some of Earth’s Natural Wonders

Many of Earth’s Natural Wonders are Close to Your Favorite Timeshare Resorts

It’s International Earth Day and a time to truly focus our efforts on the importance of environmental sustainability for the many incredible natural wonders that exist around the globe. As a timeshare resale company, we want all travelers to have the opportunity to see, interact with, and truly partake in the many amazing wildlife and landscapes the world has to offer. It’s important for vacationers to learn about their impacts on the earth, make changes to support its ecosystem, and to take time to visit and appreciate the breathtaking environments found in every country—some you might not have even known existed. Here are a few places you might consider spending your next vacation where you can truly experience the beauty of these diverse landscapes.

Hot Springs in Dunton, Colorado

The Dunton Hot Springs are mineral hot springs you can find in the southwestern mountains of Colorado. Once a mining town, it was deserted and meticulously rebuilt by those who wanted to preserve the history and also utilize the amazing baths found in town. With comfortable temperatures, you can actually get in these waters and enjoy the warmth! There are options for soaking in Colorado’s only geyser or in the 19th century bathhouse that utilizes the water just under the surface of the earth.

Cenotes and Caves around Akumal, Mexico

If you have been searching for superior ecotours, local guides for cenotes and caves around Akumal are some of the most highly regarded. Cenotes are often described as cool, fresh water sinkholes, which were created from collapsing caves millions of years ago. Many have cavern systems, which are ideal for snorkeling, diving, and swimming. Vacationers are often mesmerized by the limestone hanging from the cavern ceilings and the crystal clear, turquoise water they can wade in.

Canyons in Beaupre, Canada

You’ll hardly believe Canyon Sainte-Anne exists when you visit Beaupre. It’s one of the top tourist attractions in the area and makes for the perfect nature trip during your stay in the city. You can walk the many paths and bridges that lead you to lookouts around the park, view its spectacular waterfall and participate in the many activities available including their zipline seats that bring you over the gorge and canyoning its steep cliff edges.

Ice Caves in Werfen, Austria

This natural limestone and ice cave is inside the Hochkogel mountain and one of the most talked about attractions in the area. Led by local tour guides, you can walk the manmade paths that will lead you around the various ice formations, dangling yet secure icicles, and head deeper into the mountain. Guests utilize lamps to be able to see all of the amazing aspects of this natural creation and learn about its history, how its ecosystem is maintained, and much more.

Stargazing in Tenerife, Canary Islands

There are few places left on earth where you can truly see a vast amount of stars during a dark night, but Tenerife is one of them and its government plans to keep it that way! In addition to the minimal man made urban areas throughout the island that create manmade light, there is also a flight path restriction in place over areas of the island so guests and locals can experience this amazing and rare sight.

Want to Visit One of These Stunning and Scenic Destinations?

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