Consider the Lobster(fest)

There’s nothing that says summer quite like fresh lobster. All seafood, of course, is a staple for the season. For some places, it’s even immensely responsible for the increase in tourism during the summer. But lobster is that one special dish that deserves to be enjoyed in the places where it’s prepared best. Some place where people will come from all over the country—and maybe even the world—to try it. Which is exactly why you should celebrate lobster by going to a delicious lobsterfest for your next vacation.

Let us break it down for you this way. You could go to the supermarket and grab a generic lobster from the tank. Or you can plan a vacation around the places where lobsters live and thrive. So a place like Maine would be fantastic considering they have their own species of Maine lobster (as opposed to the Rock Lobster, which is typically served in tail form instead of full bodied). But some places like Chicago and California just love the shellfish so much, they host annual celebrations to project their affection!

The best parts about the lobsterfests is that the celebrations last for days and there’s so much more to do! Take a Coast Guard base tour in Rockland, take a snorkel trip in Key West, or hit the sea festival in Long Beach. All while enjoying the succulent taste of well-prepared, fresh lobster. However you like it: buttered, on a roll, in a bisque, it’ll all be available. All the festival needs now is you!

We created this neat infographic to get you started planning your lobster-filled vacation:


Our infographic depicts some of the exciting lobsterfests around the country

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