Vacations to These Destinations are the Perfect Gifts for Animal Lovers

Everyone Will Love These Vacation Gifts for Animal Lovers

Just a few years ago, the volunteer-run stray dog sanctuary Territorio de Zaguates, or Land of the Stray Dogs, in Costa Rica stole the hearts of people around the world. With over 900 rescued dogs roaming this large field, visitors were inspired come to love, feed, and bathe these pups during their Costa Rica vacations. We can’t think of better animal volunteer opportunities than those incorporated into your annual vacations. If furry friends are your idea of the perfect getaway, you should consider visiting these destinations for their animal-centered activities and volunteer opportunities:

gifts for animal loversHang Out at Some of the Many Cat Cafes in Japan

Due to large populations and small apartments, many people living in Japan are unable to have pets and trendy cat cafes have become a wonderful place for relaxation and comfort. Some locations also provide opportunities to adopt shelter cats. There are over 150 of these cafes across the country with their own specialties and atmospheres.


wildlife adventuresVisit the Famous Elephant Nature Park in Thailand

One of the most sought-after volunteer vacations with animals has to be the opportunity to work with elephants in Chiang Mai at this rescue and rehabilitation center. Depending on the day(s) you volunteer, you could be bathing the elephants in the river, participating in feedings, cleaning the facilities, or teaching visitors who stop in for a tour throughout the day.


gifts for animal loversSwim with Feral Pigs in Bahamian Waters

Take an excursion to the Exuma Cays to get up close and personal with the feral, swimming pigs in the Bahamas. Without any immediate predators, the pigs are friendly and welcoming to the tourists and locals who boat over to spend the afternoon in the water. There are around 20 pigs currently living on Pig Beach, and you will fall in love with them from the moment you step foot on the sand.


volunteer vacations with animalsVolunteer at the Best Friends Animal Society in Utah

Though there are a few Best Friends Animal Society locations, Utah’s is well-known for being the country’s largest no-kill sanctuary. There are over 1,600 animals on this property, many with special needs. When you visit Best Friends Animal Society, you can take a tour of the facilities, assist the staff with their cleaning and maintenance needs, and help ready these animals to find their forever homes.


animal volunteer opportunties

Spend Time at the Farm Sanctuary in Upstate New York

Located in Watkins Glen in the Finger Lakes region, vacationers love to spend time at this animal protection organization with the over 500 farm animals on the property. Take a tour or consider volunteer opportunities helping the farm with its immediate maintenance and cleaning needs. Volunteers can be as young as 12 as long as they are accompanied by an adult.


wildlife adventures

Swim with the Manatees on Florida’s Gulf Coast

There are many places in the Sunshine State for visitors to spot these gentle sea creatures, one of the most popular being Crystal River located on the Gulf of Mexico. As they move to warmer water for the winter, people love to swim alongside the manatees or watch from the distance of a kayak or shoreline. With a comfortable and near constant 72° F water, it’s no wonder so many will hop in for the experience.

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