Disney World Ticket Prices: What You Need to Know

An Increase in Disney World Ticket Prices

If you’re an avid Disney fan who frequents the Disney World parks and attractions, you’re no stranger to ticket price increases. Ticket prices for Disney World will go up for a number of reasons, but generally just to ensure the parks can stay updated and run properly.

Two years ago, Disney put seasonal pricing into place for tickets based on demand. This year, there is a new model that will tie all tickets at Walt Disney World Resort to a specific date, whether you are purchasing for a single day or multiple. Prices will be set based on demand, and the booking site will allow you to search for the cheapest times to visit the parks. This new model will begin on October 16, 2018.

When talking about the Disney World ticket prices, Disney is framing it as not just a cost increase, but really how their tickets will be sold from now on.

Single day tickets currently cost between $102 and $129. Under the new system, the range will be $109-$129.


Attendance at the Disney World parks has increased greatly in the last year, and with new attractions coming, Disney is preparing for huge crowds. As such, their new date-based tickets and pricing model will allow for better distribution attendance throughout the year. With less crowds, visitors will be able to enjoy a better overall experience.

Additionally, from a financial standpoint, it absolutely makes sense to raise the price of multi-day tickets during the highest demand periods. With the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attractions opening soon, visitors can expect more significant ticket price increases to come.

More Details

The new online booking system will launch with added features to assist with the process. Some things you’ll find include:

  • Overviews of what each park includes
  • “Can’t miss” events or attractions during time of visiting
  • Customized recommendations based on guest interests

Disney will also no longer be charging different prices for different Florida parks. As currently, Magic Kingdom costs more to visit than the resort’s other three theme parks. Now, a ticket to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot will all cost the same.

Multi-day tickets will also be used differently. While tickets don’t have to be used on consecutive days, the amount of time will depend on why type of ticket was purchased. An example: a three-day pass has to be used within five days of the start date, while an eight-day pass must be used within 12 days. Changes can be made up until midnight before the selected date. If you change to a more expensive date, you’ll have to pay the difference.

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