Europe Travel Trends For Spring 2017

Like all holidays, Spring Break is a time of year that encourages travel. But you don’t need to wait for Spring Break as an excuse for an adventure; it’s never too early or too late to take that spring trip! Predictions are being made that this spring is going to see a boom in European travel.

It’s incredibly cost-effective for Europe travel right now. Airlines are seeing more competition, which means prices are lower, and more airlines are offering direct flights between popular American and European cities. We did the research and here are some predictions about spring Europe travel trends for 2017.

Quick European Travel Trend Facts

Spring brings a lot of hustle-and-bustle to a number of cities, and European cities are no exception. We researched European travel trends, and this is what we found for interested travelers looking to embark on an adventure in the Spring.

When Are People Usually Traveling?

Like North America, many countries in Europe celebrate Good Friday and Easter Monday (yes, Monday; the day following Easter is a nationally recognized holiday in some European countries). Travel is booming during that weekend, with many taking advantage of the time off of work to travel.

How Long Are Travelers Vacationing?

Shorter trips are in vogue. 49% of people were searching for short-haul trips of 0-3 days. That number rose to 55% for spring Europe travel, given that with the holidays, travelers tend to vacation longer due to the excess of winter holidays.

Why is European Travel So Affordable Right Now?

The airlines have been offering unbelievably low prices for round-trip flights to Europe. Here’s why that is:

New Competition

New competition for transatlantic flights are coming quick. Airlines like Norwegian Air Shuttle, AirBerlin, Wow Air, and others are international discount carriers. The catch is the airlines may not be anything special and you may need to pay a fee for baggage and food, but if you’re looking to fly on a budget, economical ticket prices are nothing to complain about!

Old Competition

With these discounted carriers, larger airlines like United Airlines will certainly be competing in order to keep up with competitive prices. Last November, a flight from Boston to Shannon, Ireland cost $472 round-trip through United.

Brand New Routes

New routes are being established to include non-traditional gateways. British Airways, for example, is launching flights from New Orleans to London, marking the first time those two cities have had a nonstop link since the 1970s established by National Airlines.

Here are a list of nonstop flights and the respective airlines to be on the lookout for spring Europe travel:

  • Between New Orleans and Frankfurt (via Condor)
  • Between Portland, OR and London (via Delta Airlines)
  • Between Hartford, CT and Dublin (via Aer Lingus)
  • Between New York City and Berlin (via Delta Airlines)
  • Between New York City and Lisbon (via Delta Airlines)
  • Between Boston and Dublin (via Delta Airlines)
  • Between Seattle and London (via Virgin Atlantic)
  • Between Fort Lauderdale and London (via Virgin Atlantic)
  • Between Oakland and London (via Virgin Atlantic)

Where Are People Vacationing?

Spring provides an unrivaled time of year for Europe travel. Consider venturing to these three breathtaking cities for an unforgettable vacation:

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is renowned for its spa treatment centers, so don’t miss out on the opportunity for bathing and health and beauty treatments to help you feel relaxed while you travel around the area watching the bloom of Spring. The longer Spring days provide more time for outdoor adventures like a walk over to Margaret Island or the cobbled streets of Buda to see the incredible Parliament building. You may also enjoy the warm weather and amazing atmosphere of the Szechenyi Baths at which you can play chess!

Paris, France

Known as a city filled with renowned cafes and parks, Paris has to be on this list. You can stroll through the Tuileries and the Luxembourg under the warm Parisian sun or check out green spaces such as the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. Spend the afternoon people-watching at the Marais or taste the wonderful coffees and teas at the Les Deux Magots or the Café de Flore.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

When people speak of Amsterdam, the first thing they will tell you is how bikeable the city is. And you bet that everyone is chomping at the bit to break out the two-wheelers and pedal along those gorgeous Amsterdam canals and admire the blossoming tulips. The city is very much a place to walk around too, and the lovely streets provide prime access to recently renovated museums such as the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum.

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