Expansion Underway at Shanghai Disney Resort

Shanghai Disney Resort is Adding a New Park

After only being open for just two and a half years, the Shanghai Disney Resort complex is preparing for their second revision.

This addition with be the eighth land for guests to visit at Shanghai Disney Resort and will be designed around the hit Disney animated movie, Zootopia. Prior to this, Shanghai Disney Resort added a Toy Story land last year.

About the New Zootopia-Themed Park

Construction at Shanghai Disney Resort won’t begin until later this year, but there hasn’t been an announcement made regarding when the Zootopia land is expected to open. Details provided about the park have been limited, but it is expected to feature a new attraction, entertainment, restaurants, and shopping areas.

In the first year of being open, Shanghai Disney Resort brought in over 11 million visitors. And this new addition is designed to offer even more reasons for guests to come and experience this new Disney destination.

The rapid expansion taking place at Shanghai Disney Resort just proves that the company is committed to future developments in their China market.

About Shanghai Disney Resort

The complex features two hotels for accommodations—a high-end luxurious property known as the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel, and a fun, whimsical, family-friendly hotel known as the Toy Story Hotel.

For dining, you can enjoy dozens of offering from fine dining, bars, cafes, family style and casual, and quick bites. There is a variety of Chinese and Asian cuisines available, as well as American and Western offerings to suit all palates.

Of course, there are a wide variety of rides and games to experience, with some of the fan favorites including the Tron Lightcycle roller coaster, Roaring Rapids river ride, the Fantasia Carousel, and dark and mysterious Voyage to the Crystal Grotto.

While the resort went through some rocky patches towards the end of 2018, they came through it stronger by offering discounted pricing that drove a large increase in guest attendance. Keep checking back for updates on the new Zootopia land and other Shanghai Disney Resort happenings!

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