Geocaching: Hunt For Treasure, See Some Sights

Seeing the sites; that’s the first thing we think about when we consider where to travel to a new place. It seems so easy when we’re planning our trips, but once we actually get to our destination, we can’t help but ask ourselves, ‘where do I start?’ That’s where geocaching comes in.

Geocaching is a fun and effective way to get out of your hotel room and explore the world in which you’re visiting. Throughout your travels, you’ll find so many fun things to build your itinerary with and come back to, such as restaurants, parks, street performances, natural and city landmarks, and more. Think of it as an ice-breaker in a conversation between you and the world.

What Is Geocaching?

Geocaching (pronounced geo-cashing) is a scavenger hunt which takes place all over the world. Starting in 2000, a street team distributed out hidden little surprises called “geocaches” in various hiding places throughout cities around the world.

All caches come with a log book, which adventurer’s log their findings and any messages they want to leave for future adventurers. As for what is left behind, it’s anyone’s guess! The cache owner or visitors leave behind a special surprise for anyone who finds the hidden treasure. Just remember, if you want to keep the treasure you find, make sure you leave something of equal or greater value in its place. No drugs, alcohol, or weapons, please.

How Geocaching Works

Getting started is easy. Just sign up! The only effort required to start your geocaching adventure is downloading the app and checking the map to find a cache in your area.

Geocaching works by following the app’s directions to the coordinates to a specific location. Once you reach the location, be on the lookout for where the geocache is hidden. Geocache adventures can vary in difficulty; some can be hidden as easily as behind a tree, or as difficult as under a false rock or a log.

Once you find your treasure, write your name in the logbook, report your findings online, then put the geocache back exactly where you found it for the next adventurer.

Why do Geocaching?

On a small scale, geocaching is great way to start your own adventure and join a community of fellow treasure hunters. But geocaching is perfect for travelers who need an excuse to get out and explore the area they’re travelling to. It’s a way to encourage travellers to get outside, walk around, explore cities and nature, and have a purpose for doing so.

Start off with an easy geocache search, one that’s relatively big in size. From there, you can increase the difficulty and decrease the size of the cache when appropriate.

The best part is that geocaching can take place anywhere, so incorporate it into your next vacation! has some of the best deals on resorts all over the world. Check out the list of available resorts and go out and explore!

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