Haunted History Tours that Will Get Your Blood Pumping

The Best Haunted History Tours

Halloween is right around the corner and many of us are looking forward to a mix of fun and fear. But what if haunted houses where people dress in costumes and jump out of the shadows just don’t phase you anymore, or you’re looking for something a little more authentic? Consider a haunted history tour in a destination where there are many accounts of paranormal activity, or an ancient, dark legacy left behind. Whether you see a ghost or not, the ghost tours we’ve found are sure to terrify and intrigue you.

Best Ghost Tours

For this list, we looked both in and outside the US to find the best haunted history tours. Some have long histories of ghost encounters, while others are unexpected but equally frightening. Here are our recommendations:

French Quarter Ghosts & Legends Tour in New Orleans, USA

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New Orleans has long been associated with the paranormal, and been featured in horror cinema for that reason. The popular TV series, American Horror Story had an entire season set in the southern state. Part of the state’s reputation comes from misinterpretation of the Voodoo religion, but there have also been allegedly documented hauntings. The French Quarter Ghost & Legends Tour focuses on the latter, and takes you to the spooky sites where haunted activity has been documented in police records, city archives, and more! For a place to stay, check out our New Orleans resort inventory.

City of the Dead Haunted Graveyard Tour in Edinburgh, Scotland

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This ghost tour has arguably the most terrifying history of ghost encounters. The writer who extensively researches Greyfriars Cemetery and leads the tour there, has 75 pages of eyewitness accounts of attacks by “The Mackenzie Poltergeist”. 140 People have collapsed and others have gotten cuts, bruises, and other injuries under their clothing. Dead animals with no marks showing cause of death are often found in front of the tomb where the attacks are said to often occur. This tour is not for the faint of heart, but it is a place of interest for Harry Potter fans, as a few character names were inspired by names found on graves here.

Ghost Tour of Ocean City in New Jersey, USA

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Except for the legend of the Jersey devil, New Jersey isn’t widely known for paranormal terrors. That makes this ghost tour unexpected. We think that’s a selling point, as the unknown is one of humanity’s most enduring and exciting fears. The tour is at night and lit by candlelight, giving it the perfect eerie ambiance, and you’ll hear stories—some involving murder—based on research and interviews. Plus, the city and surrounding areas have some very specific returning characters, like the lady in white who returns to the hall of mirrors in the Flanders Hotel, and the ghosts of shipwrecked crew members at the Absecon Lighthouse in nearby Atlantic City. We recommend staying at the FantaSea Flagship Resort nearby.

Paris Catacombs Tour in Paris, France

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If you want a haunted history tour in a place that looks like it was destined for haunting, then you need to go on a tour of the Paris Catacombs. If walking through underground tunnels piled high with real human skulls and other bones doesn’t scare you, we don’t know what will—except maybe the rumours of angry ghosts attacking tourists. Your guide will take you through the catacombs, which span over 200 miles and contain the bones of over six million people, and tell you about the fascinating history of this underground vault of terrors.

Enjoy Some Frightful Fun!

Whether you’re motivated by the thrill of fear, an interest in macabre history, or just want to try something new, the ghost tours in this list are sure to impress. We hope you have an excellent time exploring these haunts!

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