Home Theft Prevention Tips For Travelers

Leaving home is never easy, even if you’re setting off on the adventure of a lifetime or the vacation of your dreams. Countless worries run through your head as you leave for the airport—Did I shut off all the lights? Did I lock the doors? Are all the windows shut? While rushing out the door for your trip can be stress-inducing, it doesn’t have to be, and you don’t need a fancy, high-tech home security system to make you feel at ease.

We consulted with travel experts here at ResortRentals to come up with useful tips to make you and your home feel more secure when you’re away. Check out these home theft prevention tips to make sure you’re prepared the next time you head out for a vacation!

1. Monitor Your Home from Afar

Thanks to modern technology and high-speed WiFi, you can actually monitor your home in real time from thousands of miles away! In recent years, several low-cost video cameras have emerged that let you stream live feeds directly to your phone. Many brands sell cameras in the $40-$50 range, an affordable option for those who don’t have extensive outdoor security systems. Check in on your pets while you’re away, or use the cameras to make sure everything in your home is in order. Many apps let you combine multiple devices, so you can put a camera in each room!

2. Remove Tools or Lawn Equipment

When traveling, many people pay a great deal of attention to the inside of their home, being sure to close windows, draw curtains, and hide away any valuables. However, it may be useful to take stock of any personal belongings you have outside your home and secure them safely out of sight. Burglars can use items like your ladder to access upper floors or skylights of your home, and many gardening or landscaping tools can be used to gain access to entry points. If you have a shed where you store a lawnmower, snowblower, or other machines, make sure that is also safely locked, as theft of those items is common.

3. Make it Look Like You’re Home

Burglars are more likely to strike when they know a house is empty. In fact, you’re likely safer from burglaries when you’re at home sleeping than when you’re away. Clear signs like the absence of lights, empty driveways, and more can tip off burglars and let them know they can steal from your home without getting caught. Additionally, social media posts about leaving for a long trip can tip off potential intruders, especially if your profile is public. Create the illusion of someone being home by leaving on outdoor lights or an indoor LED light that doesn’t create too much energy consumption. Better yet, ask someone to spend a few hours at your home every evening.

4. Install a Safe

Even if your home is broken into, you can still safeguard many of your belongings. Purchasing a safe and installing it in a hidden area can keep your most valuable items safe from theft. Small safes are reasonably priced and can hold valuables like jewelry, electronics, personal documents, car keys, and other items you may be concerned about. Plus, thanks to modern technology, you don’t have to worry about losing a key or forgetting the combination. Many safes now come equipped with digital keypads that simply require a multi-digit combination to open. Step it up a notch and purchase a safe that will only open for your fingerprint, and your items will be safe and sound.

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Rest Assured During Your Next Trip

Making your home feel secure can be easier said than done, especially when you’re leaving for a last-minute trip. With the amazing last minute deals here on ResortRentals, you can save thousands of dollars off your vacation costs while still enjoying a relaxing and much-needed trip. Use these home theft prevention tips to make sure you’re ready to jet off on your next impromptu adventure!

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