Kids Travel Tips

Travel with kids can be tough, but then again, what’s a family vacation without them? Kids bring the fun and life to any trip, and when you are planning your next getaway you should work to include them in the process! We’ve pulled together some kids travel tips of things to keep in mind for your next family vacation. This way, the kids will feel more involved and everyone will be able to make the most of the trip.

Plan Together

It may seem easier to just plan the vacation logistics with your spouse, but you’ll be happy you got your kids involved in the long run. Let them choose sites and attractions they would like to visit, and work together to make a daily itinerary that includes something from everyone’s list. Kids are more likely to enjoy all the vacation activities if they are given the power to make some decisions of their own.

Letting kids help in picking the vacation destination will also make them feel more involved and included. Older kids and teens especially will appreciate the opportunity to have their voices heard and are more likely to participate in the fun than hide behind their cell phones.

Let Them Pack

Packing can be a very stressful process, especially when you put all the pressure on yourself to pack for the whole family. While the younger children aren’t going to be able to pack for themselves, let the school-aged kids plan and help pack. This is a process that certainly needs to be monitored, but let them surprise you! Have the kids lay everything out before it goes in the bag so you can approve. This will also teach them how to be organized and think ahead.

For a plane ride or long car trip, be sure to have them pack snacks that are familiar and aren’t filled with sugar. Again, giving them options will make them feel more included and in control.

Make Them Work for It!

While on vacation, there are a lot of purchase temptations. Kids especially see every store and every attraction as a chance to buy something new. To keep yourself from buying too many souvenirs (for luggage and money purposes), let the kids do house work for money that they can use to spend on items while on vacation. This will help them become more responsible with money, and you’ll feel better knowing they worked for the purchase.

This is a tactic that can be used for any age child to show them the value of a dollar. The younger ones will also feel proud when they are able to purchase something with their very own money.

You can find plenty of great deals on that the kids will love! Give them their own bedrooms and ample space to spread out and play. They’ll love how it feels just like home, and you’ll love how much you save. Start browsing and plan your vacation with the kids today.

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