It’s Your Last Chance to Enjoy California Adventure Bugs Life!

Bring the Kids to California Adventure Bugs Life Before It’s Gone!

Mark your calendars, as of September 4, 2018, California Adventure Bugs Life will be no more! This is the perfect time to bring the kids to experience this Pixar attraction before they go back to school and before the park gets a complete transformation!

Parents and toddlers have loved that California Adventure Bugs Life caters to the youngest of Disney fans, with plenty of attractions to entertain that age group. Some of the favorite aspects of California Adventure Bugs Life include:

Flik’s Flyers – Small spinning cars that go just fast enough to excite toddlers while not being too scary. It’s said that this ride will be moved and re-themed to the Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind on Pixar Pier, so be sure to look for it there!

Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train – This slow moving train drives through an entertaining landscape of decaying, half-eaten food to amuse a young audience.

Francis’ Ladybug Boogie – Climb aboard a Francis ladybug car and groove out on this musical adventure. The cart whirls and spins and dances around an old-fashioned 45 rpm record.

“It’s Tough to be a Bug” – This is unfortunately already closed, but audience members remember this 4D show fondly. This film made the audience feel like insects with fun and engaging features, such as spraying water and other fun effects.

What is Taking Its Place?

On September 5, construction will begin on a superhero themed world based in the Marvel universe. While few details have been released on what sorts of rides and other attractions will be featured in this new park, it’s planned opening is sometime in 2020.

Unlike Disney’s Bug Land at California Adventure, the Marvel themed park will be more geared towards older kids (not toddlers) and any superhero loving adults.

Keep an eye out for more updates on the changes to come to Disney California Adventure. In the meantime, you can shop our incredible selection of rental deals to find a last minute steal on a great trip for you and your family.

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