Is May the Best Time to Travel?

Now that spring is in full swing, you may be thinking about vacation. As warmer temperatures start to arrive, you’ll undoubtedly be dusting off your beach chairs, moving t-shirts and swimsuits back into your wardrobe, and hopping online to search for your next great summer getaway. While the time is ripe to search for warm-weather retreats during July or August, don’t get too ahead of yourself—the best time to travel may be another month entirely.

In some cases, May might be the best time of year to travel. In northern areas of the globe, temperatures begin to rise as flowers and trees start blooming. Many tourist destinations in select regions reopen for business in anticipation of the heightened summer crowds, resulting in a lively and energetic vacation atmosphere without the congestion.

You might be thinking it’s too late to book a May vacation, but here at Resort Rentals, you’ll find amazing last-minute getaways that could give you the trip of a lifetime. We break down some of the best reasons to travel in May below—read more before going to dust off your luggage!

Shoulder Season

May is considered to be the shoulder season in many destinations around North America, Europe, and elsewhere. What is “shoulder season,” exactly? It’s the time of year between low and peak travel seasons. Late April through May is one example of a shoulder season, while late September and early October is another.

Shoulder seasons are a desirable time to travel because travelers can often find exciting things to do in popular destinations while the crowds are still thin. Areas like Hilton Head Island, Myrtle Beach, and other coastal destinations begin to blossom in mid-spring, while many seasonal vendors and attractions in these areas re-open for business. If you choose to vacation in May, you could take advantage of low ticket prices at attractions, easy reservations at restaurants, and less-crowded beaches.

Affordable Travel Costs

Another benefit the shoulder season provides is low-cost travel expenses. Many airlines and other transportation services often see decreases in rates due to lower demand. School is still in session for many children, meaning many families will wait until June or July to take off on their trips. Simultaneously, spring breaks and vacations will have been months ago, creating a gap in demand for flights. Many resorts and lodging providers also see lulls during May, which could make it the best time to travel for you!

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cool

Many beach destinations, particularly in the tropics, can become too hot and humid during the summer months. Additionally, Caribbean destinations deal with the threat of hurricanes and other tropical storms beginning in August, making mid to late spring an ideal time to hit the beaches!

You’ll find places like Sanibel Island in Florida and St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands to be welcoming during May, with light crowds and soothing tropical weather that’s comfortable without being too overbearing. With the sun still hovering around the Equator, you’ll find pleasant conditions regardless of where you choose to adventure.

Is it Really the Best Time to Travel?

At the end of the day, we’ll let you be the judge of when your optimal time to vacation is. However, with lower costs, thinner crowds, and comfortable temperatures, May just might be the best time of year to get out and explore.

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