New Policy May Lead to Cuba Resort Rentals

President Obama’s recent announcement that the United States will work toward normalizing relations with Cuba has taken many by surprise. What started as a prisoner exchange quickly turned to each country’s leader vowing to work on easing trade restrictions, lifting travel bans, and potentially fostering a new friendship.

Ever since the embargo began in the 1960s, travel to Cuba has been strictly prohibited for U.S. citizens. As the largest nation in the Caribbean, Cuba still maintains a tourism industry for travelers in nations other than the United States. However, the recent announcement from the government brings hope to American travelers eager to explore the island nation. Could Cuba resort rentals provide affordable ways to discover the destination in the future?

What Travelers Need to Know about Visiting Cuba

In light of the groundbreaking announcement, many Americans have started to speculate about easier travel into the country. However, there are a few things travelers need to know about the future of Cuban tourism.

#1. Cuba is Not Open for Business

While the U.S. government seems open to restoring normal relations with Cuba, no official steps have been made to lift the trade embargo or the travel ban. Because of this reason, widespread tourism to the island nation is likely years away. So don’t plan winter vacations in Cuba anytime soon.

#2. Cuba Travel is Greatly Discouraged

While there are ways American travelers can enter Cuba, it is strongly discouraged. Despite the recent announcement, Cuba still remains a country that is largely poverty-stricken and dangerous, with no American embassy. If travel to Cuba ever is fully legalized, it will likely still come with warnings and restrictions from the State Department.

#3. Cuban Goods and Souvenirs are Still Banned

That box of Cuban cigars and bottle of Cuban rum will probably have to wait a while longer. As of today, it is still illegal to transport Cuban goods across the border into the United States. However, one way the trade embargo might be alleviated involves allowing U.S. citizens to carry $400 worth of Cuban goods through Customs. It should be noted that this is all speculation, and that neither nation’s leadership has made significant steps yet.

Cuba Resort Rentals

Outside of American tourism, Cuba is still a relatively popular vacation destination. Spanish resort chain Melia operates 15 properties throughout the island, each bringing a five-star vacation experience to visitors. With the infrastructure and market already in place, Cuba may become the next major resort rental destination.

Things such as Cuban vacation ownership—which may have seemed virtually impossible just days ago—now seem like they could be a reality in the near future. As people purchase vacation ownership units in Cuba, there will be more rental opportunities in places like Havana, Cayo Largo, Varadero, and more.

While the news is promising for those looking for more places to discover in the Caribbean, all we can do is watch as the events unfold. In the meantime, you can find amazing deals on Caribbean accommodations right here on!

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