How to Plan a Dream Winter Getaway

Now that winter is here, you’re probably hearing all about your friends’ or coworkers’ upcoming winter getaways. Instead of being stuck in the house all winter, why not plan a winter vacation of your own? Even if you’re on a budget, finding your dream winter getaway is as easy as 1-2-3. Just pick your destination, find great travel deals, and pack your bags!

Step 1: Choose a Destination

The first step in planning your winter escape is to choose where to go. Many people opt for destinations in the U.S. like Colorado, Utah, New Hampshire, and Vermont for skiing and snowboarding, while others seek to escape the cold by heading South. Wherever you choose to go, you’ll find that traveling and vacationing in the winter can be just as easy as any other season.

For more winter destination ideas, take a look at our list of 2014’s Best Holiday Vacation Destinations.

Step 2: Book Your Flight

Because of the surge in travel around the holidays, flights can become more expensive, especially around the holidays. However, there are a number of online tools you can use to find the best airfare prices. Google Flights allows you to compare prices and departure times from multiple different airlines, allowing you to choose the most efficient way to get to your destination.

Since the holidays are a busy travel time for people all over the world, the best time to book flights during the winter is in January and February, once the holidays are over. For example, Hawaii is considered to be a constant high-demand destination in winter. However, the “low season” for the archipelago falls somewhere between the first two months of the year, with many airlines offering roundtrip flights for hundreds less. Deciding when to take your winter getaway is just as important as deciding where.

Step 3: Find Affordable Accommodations

Most people have to travel on a budget. This means that finding the lowest priced flights and accommodations are important. However, just because you need affordable accommodations doesn’t mean you must sacrifice luxury.

Resort rentals allow you to both save money and experience luxury accommodations during your trip. Since the rates are set directly by the owner, resort and condo rental units tend to be priced much lower than hotels. Additionally, with amenities such as full kitchens and shuttle services, you can save money while you vacation as well.

Finding affordable, high quality vacation accommodations doesn’t have to be a challenge. Visit our Deals page to browse amazing resort rentals now. Once you find the perfect unit for your trip, start packing! Your dream winter vacation will be just around the corner.

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