Post-Holiday Getaways

It’s over…it’s finally over.

Relax, take a deep breath, and relish in the fact that the holiday anxieties are over. After expending so much energy caring about your friends and loved ones, you deserve a little time to care about yourself. That’s why planning a vacation after the holidays is so important. January vacations can do many positive things for your stress levels and can allow you time to recoup and take a few mental health days. Most importantly, a vacation in January offers an escape to another, brand new place while the dust settles from the holiday hustle-and-bustle.

At, we’ve tried to determine what some of the most relaxing activities are, and needless to say, it was hard to narrow down! With the variety of cathartic on-site amenities that many resorts offer, there’s always something to do to ease the tension of those post-holiday hang ups.

So when you’re considering a vacation in January, keep these five amenities in mind for the right amount of unwinding you deserve:

Beautiful woman enjoying a massage in a spa center

Spa Services

This was an easy one. Considering how many hugs you had to give over the course of the holidays, it seems like a no-brainer that a nice back and shoulder massage is exactly what the doctor orders. Take Westgate Park City Resort and Spa as a suggestion. Located in the blissful Utah ski village, Westgate has a much sought after world-class spa, along with several other relaxing amenities such as an indoor/outdoor pool, sauna and steam rooms, a fitness center, and much more.

Golf player teeing off. Man hitting golf ball from tee box with driver.

Golf Courses

Any golfer will tell you that playing the game takes a lot of hardwork and dedication, which is true. But golf has always been a go-to for relaxation and sport because the concentration applied to hitting the links forces the player to focus on nothing but the ball and the swing. This sort of mental investment really helps deter the player from any stress she might have towards the holidays, and reminds them that life is to be lived stroke-by-stroke; there’s nothing you can do about that last swing. Check out Club Casa Dorada Beach and Golf Resort for some warm, fertile greens this January vacation!

Silhouette young woman practicing yoga on the beach at sunset

Beaches, Beaches, Beaches

For some people, it is the cold that is the real stressor. Anxieties can grow when the warm weather departs for the season. When you’re planning where to vacation in January, pick some place with a nice sandy beach! Head down to Fantasy Island Resort in Daytona Beach, FL, or have a picnic by the Atlantic at Ocean Key Resort in Virginia Beach, VA.

Girl / Woman / Female On the Ski

Skiing and Snowboarding

Looking to embrace the cold and snow? You’re not alone! Skiing and snowboarding are very cathartic activities because of the physical demand of the sport coupled with seeing some of the most breath-taking natural beauty from incredible heights. For those looking for the solitude of the slopes on their January vacation, consider looking at Marriott’s StreamSide Vail in Vail, CO.

WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA - DECEMBER 29: Marching soldiers at night on December 29, 2011. Colonial Williamsburg's 301 acres includes many restored buildings and houses and hosts re-enactments.

Get A History Lesson

Lose yourself in some of the finest historical architecture this January vacation. A great place like Marriott’s Manor Club at Ford’s Colony is located in Williamsburg, VA. A town with an incredibly rich history, you can escape to a new time period as well as a new place. Ford’s Colony works to combine luxurious living arrangements with the spirit of the 18th century. There’s also plenty of museums and historical landmarks to provide guests with some of the most fascinating facts about the colonial time period. has a large list of vacation rentals available for your next January getaway. Check out our available last minute deals and remember to treat yourself nicely this season. You deserve it!

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