Rally Out To Kentucky For A Great Vacation

May means a lot of things to a lot of people. Mother’s Day is a big event, spring is out in full force, and Cinco de Mayo brings out the life of the party in us all. But for some, May is all about the Kentucky Derby. The race has a deep rooted history with American culture and could be seen as an annual landmark event in sports.

But what a lot of people overlook is that there is so much to offer when you travel to Kentucky. Numerous noteworthy attractions exist all over the state. It’s an ideal location for interested hikers, museum-goers, and the finest bourbon tasters around the country. There are always fun things to do in Kentucky that will turn a quick Derby weekend into a memorable Kentucky travel week.

Kentucky Attractions

If you’re looking to spend more than simply a weekend in the Bluegrass State, let us make some recommendations for some fun and exciting things to do to optimize your travel to Kentucky.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Sorry kids, this is for adults only. Kentucky is one of the most sought-after locations in the country for liquor lovers to travel to because of the state’s special spirits. Learn about all the processes of distillation and creating a great bourbon drink. Along the trail, you’ll visit some of the most well-known and cherished whiskey brands including Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, Wild Turkey, Woodford Reserve, Evan Williams, and more.

Sign up for the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and you’ll receive a passport that you’ll have stamped at every stop as proof that you made it through the trail! The passport comes with a free gift and if you get stamped at all nine distilleries, you get a cool Kentucky Bourbon Trail shirt. As always, please enjoy the bourbon responsibly and don’t drink and drive!

Cumberland Gap National Park

For those looking for a real trail to embark on, plan a visit out to one of the most scenic Kentucky attractions, the Cumberland Gap National Park. Cumberland Falls State Park is home to some fantastic trails for hikers of all skill levels. Take a stroll along any of the relaxing quarter-mile long hikes or put your body to the test on the 21-mile Ridge Trail.

Cumberland Gap is also a great location to spot unique biology and animals. During a sightseeing adventure through the park, you could see a wide variety of wildlife including deer, beavers, foxes, bobcats, bears, and over 150 species of birds. Check out all of the geology around the park, or go on a guided tour and learn about things like the Hensley Settlement and the Gap Caves (formerly known as Cudjo’s Cave).

Museum Row

Kentucky is rich with all types of learning facilities. Museum Row on Main in Louisville plays host to some great museums. Check out all there is to offer including the Frazier History Museum, Glassworks, Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, Kentucky Science Center, Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, The Muhammad Ali Center, and much more.

In just four walkable blocks, you can see ten great museums. Nearby there are also some great restaurants and bars for quick stops along the way. And if you feel so inclined, you could even hop on south to the Kentucky Derby Museum!

Louisville Zoo

See some of the most exotic animals at the Louisville Zoo. The zoo plays host to species from all over the world; everything from amphibians to birds, fish to invertebrates, mammals to reptiles all habitat at this zoo.

The zoo also offers more than just the wildlife watching. Guests can also discover some exotic plants they haven’t seen before. Get the full zoo experience with some of the special activities including camel rides, giraffe feeding, visiting Kaman’s Art Shoppe, Ropes adventure course, and more.

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