Resort Spotlight: Westgate Town Center [Infographic]

Why did we choose Westgate Town Center as our resort spotlight for July? It’s a good question and warrants a great response: why wouldn’t it be?

It’s the middle of the summer, which means there are plenty of days left for that family getaway to recharge everyone’s batteries before school starts. And what better location than Kissimmee? ( You’ve got the theme parks, the ocean within driving distance, plenty of restaurants and museums, all of which are just a short way away from Westgate Town Center.

But what makes Westgate Town Center particularly great is the versatility of its amenities and accommodations. The Ship Wreck Island Water Park is a great place for the kids to expend their pent up energy as you relax and soak up some rays, while the movie theater can be a romantic opportunity to be close to your significant other for a romantic rendezvous. The resort also features plenty of meeting spaces for corporate events and general get-togethers, which lends itself to being a great place for an office retreat or out-of-state conference. And with plenty of activities like volleyball, basketball, and bicycling available, you’ll be able to stay active during your entire stay!

Still want to learn more about the resort? Check out this neat infographic we created highlighting some of the incredible amenities and nearby attractions in the Westgate Town Center area:

Westgate Town Center

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