Score! Best Vacations for Sports Fans

Best Vacations for Sports Fans

There are many different reasons to take a vacation. Sometimes you just need to get away and relax, while other times you want to explore a new place. You can even take a themed vacation centered around a passion or interest. If you’re a sports enthusiast, there are dozens of incredible destinations you can visit with famed sites, museums, and sporting arenas to indulge your passion.

Here are some of the best vacations for sports fans, regardless of the sport!

Indianapolis, Indiana

NASCAR fans have got to get to Indianapolis for a thrilling, high-speed vacation experience. Jump behind the wheel of an IndyCar for a race around one of the world’s most famous tracks—the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. With the Indy Racing Experience, your dream of cruising in a race car can become a reality.

While in the city, relive the “Milan Miracle of 1954” at the Milan ’54 Hoosiers Museum and the Hinkle Fieldhouse. You’ll also definitely want to dine at St. Elmo Steak House, where hundreds of athletes have feasted since it opened in 1902.

Cooperstown, New York

If you’re a lover of baseball, you’ve probably dreamed of going to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown to view and learn about America’s favorite pastime and its many famous players. Additionally, Upstate New York has many other sports-themed attractions. This includes the Heroes of Baseball Wax Museum and the Olympic Sports Complex. At this sports complex, you can participate in a Lake Placid Adventure, including bobsledding, skeleton runs, skiing, and ice skating—just like a real Olympian!

San Diego, California

Head out west to San Diego for your action sports fix. Popular area sports including surfing BMX biking, hang gliding, mountain biking, and skateboarding. Explore the area and find dozens of skate parks to try out some tricks, and many beaches that are prime for surfing and catching gnarly waves.

San Diego is known for its rich and eclectic culture, so you’ll find many galleries and museums to explore. As a sports nut, you must check out the California Surf Museum in Oceanside to take a complete look at California’s history of surfing culture. And if you like attending sporting events, Padres’ Petco Park is one of America’s best baseball stadiums to catch a game!

Orlando, Florida

While you may only affiliate Orlando, Florida with Disney World, there are plenty of sporty attractions that you should check out between park visits. Put the pedal to the metal at the Richard Petty Driving Experience when you can drive a race car that can reach up to 120 mph. You can also drive in a variety of exotic sports cars for a high-end celebrity-esque experience.

There are also many events happening at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports across nine venues that accommodate more than 60 different sports including football, lacrosse, track and field, and volleyball. Complete your sporting experience by visiting Winter Park, a place to engage in extreme water sports.

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