See What Lies Beneath the Waves: Go Scuba Diving in Hawaii!

Say Aloha to Scuba Diving in Hawaii

Have you ever wished you could experience what it’s like to be a citizen of Atlantis, a mermaid, or even a shark? While that’s not possible, as far as we know, you can explore the ocean depths and swim with undersea creatures by scuba diving. We recommend scuba diving in Hawaii, where you’ll find coral reefs, shipwrecks, and more!

Best Hawaii Scuba Diving Locations

Whether you’re a first-time diver or a certified master, we have you covered. The following are some of the best scuba diving locations for the best scuba diving vacations:

North Shore Divers

scuba diving in Hawaii

North Shore Divers, located on Kauai, Hawaii’s “Garden Island”, is an excellent scuba location, where both beginners and certified divers are welcome, and your guides can tell you all about the local sealife—including rare species you may get to see! Non-certified and certified divers can participate in 2.5-4 hour dives from the shore, and certified divers can enjoy 4-hour boat dives at any one of over 20 dive sites. If you’re not certified but you want to be, you’re in luck! North Shore Divers offers PADI Open Water, Adventure, and Advanced Open Water certification. All divers must be 10 or older and all divers on boat dives must be 15 or older.

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Dive/Certification Costs:

  • 1 Tank for a non-certified diver on a shore dive: $129
  • 1 Tank for a certified diver on a shore dive: $109
  • 2 Tanks for a certified diver on a boat dive: $179
  • Courses: $300 and up


Living Ocean Scuba

scuba diving in Hawaii

Is it on your bucket list to see a sea turtle in the wild? How about swim with one? If so, we recommend scuba diving with Living Ocean Scuba in Honolulu. You’re likely to see Hawaiian green sea turtles on many of the dives, including those open to non-certified divers. While it’s only for certified divers, there’s also an incredible dive where you can explore famous shipwrecks, as well as potentially see eels and octopuses! Whichever dive you choose, prepare to be blown away by colorful coral, graceful sea turtles, and more. All of the dives listed below require divers to be 10 or older unless otherwise noted.

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Dive/Certification Costs:

  • 4-Hour introductory and refresher 2-tank boat dive (no certification required): $125 certified, $140 non-certified
  • 4-Hour Hanauma Bay introductory scuba diving tour (no certification required): $120
  • 3-Hour Hanauma Bay Shore Dive: $80
  • 3-Hour 2-Tank Shipwreck/Reef Guided Boat Dive for ages 15 and up: $105
  • 4-Hour 2-Tank Turtle/Reef Boat Dive: $105
  • Courses: $300 and up
  • Rental Equipment for Dive: $20


Molokai Fish and Dive

scuba diving in Hawaii

For some of the best scuba diving in Hawaii, consider Molokai Fish and Dive. The south side of Molokai is one of the best scuba diving locations because it has the longest reef that lies close to the shore in Hawaii on its south shore. Plus, if you go in the winter, you may get to see whales! Molokai Fish and Dive also provides dives to the reef wall in Pala’au and to blue holes, which are marine sinkholes that can be enormous. The company also offers 3-tank full day premier dives that let you go extra deep beneath the ocean surface. The company’s website does not specify which dives require certification, so you may want to give them a call before booking your undersea adventure.

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Dive/Certification Costs:

  • South Shore Dive: $145
  • Rock Dive: $295
  • Discover Scuba: $210
  • Courses: Call for details
  • BCD or Regulator Rental: $10


Maui Scuba Mike

scuba diving in Hawaii

Maui Scuba Mike was founded by Mike Przetak, a PADI five-star instructor and US Coast Guard Captain. The company has existed since 1980 and has a perfect safety record, making it the perfect place to take your kids scuba diving for the first time, as long as they’re 10 or older. You also have the opportunity to earn your PADI certification by going on dives. In fact, the PADI Open Water package will allow you to earn your certification in four dives. Your experience is customizable, meaning that you can tell your guide what you’re interested in seeing, and they’ll try to find the best scuba diving locations for you, keeping factors like weather and your experience level in mind. All of Maui Scuba Mike’s packages include scuba dive equipment, for your convenience. You may get to see a variety of rays and tropical fish, along with other creatures.

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Dive/Certification Costs

  • PADI Discovery Dive (no certification required): $129
  • PADI Open Water (no certification required): $549
  • Night Dive for ages 12 and older: $129
  • Scooter Dive for ages 15 and older: $129
  • Guided Dive: $99


While you’ll diving, the last thing you want to think about is money. To get the best deals on scuba diving vacations, check out our Hawaiian resort rentals. The Pacific awaits!

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