Spot’s Favorite Patriotic Places!

Why should the excitement and patriotic pride of the Fourth of July holiday have to fade away so quickly? Keep the good feeling going with some American-inspired travel in the US. Our travel loving mascot, Spot the viewfinder, has a handful of patriotic places he loves to visit that fill his viewfinder heart with love and pride for this beautiful country.

Take advantage of the fleeting summer months and plan a trip to one or more of these great destinations. From sea to shining sea, get out there and tour America, embrace the freedom, and experience the history of your country!

New York, New York

Home of the symbol of our freedom is NYC. Beautiful Lady Liberty gazes upon the city and serves as a beacon of hope and all the values we hold dear in this country. Visitors can take a ferry to visit the grounds she stands on, as well as walk to the top and experience impeccable views of the city. The Liberty Island museums can also be found in the pedestal of the Lady Liberty statue.

While in NYC, be sure to visit Ellis Island, which can also be reached by ferry. This is a great spot to take a moment and remember of all who passed through this place in search of a better life in America. The Ellis Island Immigration Museum is located at the Statue of Liberty National Monument Park.

San Antonio, Texas

Hands down the best place to go to “Remember the Alamo.” Visit the site where this historically significant event happened in 1836, located right in San Antonio. The Alamo now serves as a museum, shrine, and beautiful garden. Bring the family and remember the courageous Texans who lost their lives that day.

This city is also home to Tower of the Americas—the tallest building in the city. Climb up to the top and view the stunning surroundings from the observation tower. Up there you can also check out a 4D theater ride about Texas and see some exhibits that showcase the area’s local history.

St. Louis, Missouri

This is where it all started—the westward expansion of the 19th century. St. Louis is known as “The Gateway to the West” for this reason and all the opportunities it provided for America. The Gateway Arch is a must-see monument that encompases the vision of the westward mobement. Climb to the top of the Arch and take in the views, or visit the Museum of the Westward Expansion down at the base.

For the younger audience, visit The Magic House. A children’s museum with a handful of patriotic exhibits to get kids in the spirit too. They can learn and play Lewis and Clark, and get some lessons on being a US citizen in the Star-Spangled Center.

San Diego, California

It may surprise you to hear that San Diego is ranked as one of the most patriotic cities in the entire country! Why? They really love fireworks and take pride in spending local funds on veterans.

Here you will also be able to check out the U.S.S. Midway Museum. This isn’t just any maritime museum, it is a maritime museum located on a real Midway aircraft carrier that actually served from 1945-1992. While touring the museum, enjoy listening to the audio tour recorded by actual soldiers that served on the Midway.


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