Stunning Botanical Gardens You and Your Family Will Love

The snow is starting to melt and Spring is just around the corner. In the meantime, if you are looking for some warmth and a little bit of sunshine, you can visit one of the many pristine botanical gardens located all over the world. This can be a gloomy time of year, and a change of scenery will really improve your mood and get you rejuvenated for the Spring season. We’ve picked some of the best botanical gardens, and even found great resorts located a short distance away so you can partake in an unforgettable vacation.

Desert Botanical Garden – Phoenix, AZ

Come visit the Desert Botanical Garden in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, to view the breathtaking and colorful scenery. This desert location is abundant with local greenery such as saguaros, mammillarias, boojums, and elegant palo verdes. Do these plants sound foreign to you? Learn about them and how they are able to flourish in the desert with a guided tour. Tours are also available at nighttime for a whole different kind of sensory experience. You can also take a bird tour to see some of the local wildlife take to the sky in their natural habitat. Music is also offered at the garden. The spring concert series lineup can be found on their website.

If you are not from Phoenix and need a place to stay after visiting the garden, try the Legacy Golf Resort, less than 20 minutes from the Desert Botanical Garden. There, you can enjoy a 280-acre championship golf course, sand volleyball, hiking trails, pool and poolside cabanas, and other family-friendly activities.

San Francisco Botanical Garden – San Francisco, CA

The botanical garden in San Francisco is truly a special place to visit. The climate allows for the perfect conditions for growing and preserving plants from all over the world, even some that are no longer found in their native habitats. The garden has the world’s fourth most noteworthy collection of Magnolia species that they are able to conserve. The best viewing time for those specific flowers is December through the end of March, so there is still time! Here, you will also find the incredible, towering Redwood Grove. These trees are a century old and breathtaking to experience. Visitors can enter for free and wander by themselves or take a group tour.

Discount resort options are available less than 15 minutes away at The Donatello or less than 20 minutes away at the Suites at Fisherman’s Wharf. Both resorts offer multi-bedroom accommodations that are well-appointed with full kitchens, laundry services, and cable TVs.

New York Botanical Garden – Bronx, NY

Within all the hustle and bustle of New York City, you can find beauty and serenity at the New York Botanical Garden. This special place is home to 50 gardens and plant collections. The garden provides many different exhibitions and events for visitors to enjoy. Now through mid April, you can view the Orchid Show: Chandeliers. This is an aerial display unlike anything you’ve seen before. This exhibition can be viewed daily, or you can bring a date to enjoy a cocktail on one of their scheduled Orchid Evenings. There is so much to see and learn about at this botanical garden, such as various wildlife, the sustainability and climate change program, the Bronx Green-Up initiative, and interesting facts about various plants.

Less than 30 minutes away, you can rent a suite at Manhattan Club for a luxury retreat near shopping, world-class dining, museums, and Broadway shows. Enjoy the best of both worlds—a day of serenity at the botanical garden, and an afternoon of vibrant city entertainment.

The Butterfly Farm – Oranjestad, Aruba

Another fun way to experience a botanical garden is to visit one that is inhabited with butterflies! You will find the Butterfly Farm on the happy island of Aruba. Upon entering the Butterfly Farm, you will receive passes to return as many times as you’d like throughout your vacation. So feel free to bring the family and stay the week! Guided tours are available and run 15 to 20 minutes, and then you are welcome to stay as long as you’d like. Photography and videotaping is encouraged. They also recommend wearing perfume and bright colors to motivate the butterflies to land on you. You and your family will delight in the hundreds of exotic butterflies from all over the world. Each have their own coloring and wing shape that make them mesmerizing to watch.

You will want to stay nearby, and great deals are available just down the road. Less than 10 minutes away you can book a suite at Marriott’s Aruba Ocean Club or, less than 5 minutes away you can reserve at Tropicana Aruba Resort & Casino. Both resorts are located on pristine beaches with all kinds of beauty to take in.

With so many plants, flowers, and wildlife to behold, it can be hard to wait for Spring to arrive. You don’t have to when you visit these botanical gardens. You also will never have to overpay for a fun family getaway when you book your accommodations with

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