The New England Vacation Heard ‘Round The World

Whether or not you’re a fan of the New England Patriots football team is irrelevant. Every one of us should be a fan of the original patriots of New England. They were, after all, driving the momentum of this entire country towards freedom from the British and built the foundation of this country. A lot of events that happened during the era of the American Revolution still affect us even to this day, hundreds of years later.

The historical landmarks of the American Revolution are one of the biggest draws for any New England vacation. People from all over the country, and even the world, come to see famous locations like the Bunker Hill monument, the Freedom Trail, the graveyards which famous patriots like Samuel Adams and Paul Revere are buried, and more! Surrounding towns like Lexington, Lincoln, and Concord host several annual reenactments at famous battlegrounds where important conflicts took place.

So it’s safe to say that Patriot’s Day is a big deal in New England. If you’re a history buff looking to absorb some knowledge of the Age of Revolution or you’re interested in travelling to the East Coast and catching an outdoor show in between Red Sox games or a Massachusetts brewery tour, a New England vacation is your best bet to celebrate Patriot’s Day.

Historical Reenactments

Remember those actors who would visit your schools pretending to be famous people from a former era? Well, historical reenactments are very similar, except there’s a lot more of them, and there’s a lot more action!

New England has some of the best reenactments in the country, and they happen on —or very close to —the battlegrounds where the actual battles took place. The towns in Massachusetts offer two different kinds of reenactments during Patriot’s Day; battles and skirmishes and inside looks of daily life back in the 1700s.

Battles and Skirmishes

For History Channel buffs and those interested in an authentic atmosphere of war, the battles and skirmishes of Massachusetts’ greatest conflicts are a thrill from start to finish. Events take place all over the Eastern part of the state, reminiscing on crucial moments in the Revolutionary War, including the Battle at Old North Bridge in Concord, the skirmish where the “shot heard ‘round the world” was fired in Lexington, and Paul Revere’s departure from the North End of Boston on horseback, stopping in Medford, Lexington, and other towns.

Back In Time

For pacifists and fans of domestic culture, take a trip down memory lane with the troupes reenacting the life and times of 18th century Massachusetts. Embark on walking tours, witness demonstrations of weapons, and interact with people who completely adopt the mannerisms of people from the 1700s.

At the Minute Man National Historical Park in Lincoln, there are all-day activities at the Hartwell Tavern. Interact with the reenactors about their daily lives, colonial America, their issues with the British and taxes, and more!

In addition to enjoying these wonderful events, a New England vacation is a scenic vacation all year ‘round. So make the most out of your getaway! The New England resorts at offer some of the best deals on rentals around the Eastern Massachusetts area during Patriot’s Day. Better get your spot quickly before the British take them over!

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