The United States of Barbecue [Inforgraphic]

Traveling for the sake of food is more common than you’d think. Look at the Food Network and the Travel Channel, which feature shows hosted by chefs and TV personalities travelling around the world in search of the best food. Why not plan your own vacation the same way? Whether you’re an aspiring food blogger or just a person with an appetite, May is National Barbecue Month, which means your first assignment will be a delicious one: travel BBQ.

When we talk about “barbecue”, the term can mean different things to different people. Some of us immediately think of brisket and ribs laid on a smoker and cooked to perfection with side sauces and cole slaw. Others think about the succulent pulled pork doused in finger-licking good sauce all between two buns.

Any way you’ve had it, there’s nothing better than tasting it where it originated. With numerous fantastic restaurants in some of the hubs of great vacation spots, you can plan your vacation around an amazing feast for you and the whole family.

To celebrate this great holiday, we’ve made a delicious infographic to showcase the different kinds of styles of barbecue available. From the thinner, colorful “Carolina Gold” style barbecue to the thick and rich style of East Texas, we’ve got a rundown for some of the most popular, famous travel BBQ styles in the country:

travel bbq

The smokers are all warmed up, and the meats are ready to be cooked. Now it’s up to you to help chow down! Check out our resort deals at and travel bbq to your favorite style. Start your next vacation with a good taste in your mouth!

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