This New Adult-Focused Theme Park Will Be One of the Top China Tourist Attractions

An Inside Look at One of the Most Anticipated China Tourism Attractions

A brand new 240,000-square-foot adult-focused, movie-themed park just opened in Hengqin, Zhuhai (one hour outside of Hong Kong) at the end of July. Lionsgate, one of the largest film studios in Hollywood, has partnered with Village Roadshow Theme Parks and Thinkwell Group to make Lionsgate Entertainment World a reality. Similar to the look of many casinos, Lionsgate World is a multi-story vertical park that will feature 25 different attractions that are designed around some of your favorite Lionsgate movies. With the help of CAVU Designwerks, Dreamcraft Attractions, ETF, and Framestore, Lionsgate was able to bring in the latest technology to make the rides at this first-ever PG-13 theme park realistic, thrilling, dark, and fun.

Featured Lionsgate Films With Attractions:

  • The Hunger Games
  • Twilight
  • Divergent
  • Now You See Me
  • Escape Plan
  • Gods of Egypt

The Hunger Games

As one of the most talked-about movies in this park, The Hunger Games has an entire level dedicated to recreating Panam. Guests can feel like a Capitol resident as they dine at the Capitol Club, shop at Capitol Couture for the latest styles, and visit the hair salon for an impressive makeover. For those who want a little taste of District 12, they can grab a bite to eat at Peeta’s Bakery.

Though these films and books are known for their violence, the exciting VR Hunger Games rides offer a less gore-y plot, but with all the same suspense and impending doom that fans have already seen on the big screen. Visitors are going to love the Mockingjay Flight: Rebel Escape ride which follows the story of fleeing the Capitol and away from the peacekeepers. Not only will they be enjoying this ride on an ATV, but they will have to escape well-known story moments like black tar, fire, genetically engineered wasps, and electrified nets.


Another movie guests are excited about is seeing what Lionsgate has done to bring Twilight to life. Most notably, the vampire romance-based attraction will feature a hyper-realistic VR motorcycle simulation experience called Twilight-Midnight Ride. It will be multiplayer and interactive, which is thrilling for anyone who loves the saga. In the ride, guests will follow Jacob and the Wolf Pack on an insane adventure through the woods around Forks, Washington but will also have the freedom to explore as they wish.

Other Notable Rides

As if these two featured films weren’t enough, there are more rides to be discovered. Players can test their fear limits in the Divergent simulator where they will go through a number of challenges to test their bravery or try to escape from the most secure prison in the world through a multiplayer, interactive The Escape Room—Prison Break experience.

If you don’t see your favorite film on this list, there’s still a chance it’ll make an appearance in the future. Lionsgate World is just the first of five phases expected to be completed on this project. The entirety of this entertainment mecca is projected to cost around $2.6 billion!

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