Tips for Traveling Alone

Traveling alone can be a wonderful experience that will open your eyes to the world around you while you see amazing sites, and learn more about yourself in the process. While exciting and beneficial, the thought of traveling by yourself might make you feel anxious and uneasy. So many people have had such positive experiences traveling alone, including some members of the team. We’ve pulled together some of the best advice and tips to consider when you plan your solo travel adventure.

Safety first

Safety is always something to be aware of when you are in a new place, whether you are in a group or traveling by yourself. However, when you are traveling alone, there are more things you need to be aware of to keep yourself safe. It’s important to trust everyone while also trusting no one.


When you travel solo, you want to put yourself out there and meet new locals and fellow travelers—but don’t trust them with your money or other valuables. Scam artists are everywhere and can appear very charming. Use your best judgement and you will be able to enjoy the company of others, while making sure you are protected. On that same note, it is important you are aware of your surroundings, especially at night. Be careful with how much you drink when you are walking about. Being intoxicated will make you even more vulnerable and more likely to fall into a bad situation. It is best to keep the drinks to a minimum, especially being alone in an unfamiliar area.

Another safety tip is to not only always make sure you have cash on you, but that you know where your cash is at all times. Keeping valuables in your front pockets or a small purse you can hold in front of you will lessen your chances of being pickpocketed. Staying alert is also key. Keep your eyes up and avoid being buried in your cellphone when walking alone.

Choose your destination carefully

While you can really go anywhere by yourself, there are certain destinations that cater to solo travelers more than others. For example, places like Cancun or Cabo San Lucas attract mostly families and spring breakers. You’re more likely to feel out of place when you’re surrounded by large groups of vivacious people. Instead, consider looking at smaller towns or cosmopolitan cities. You will be able to blend in and feel more at ease in a location that has more people in the same situation as you.

Enjoy your alone time

Sometimes it can be hard just sit and be alone. It is great to meet new people while traveling by yourself, but don’t be afraid to eat meals, visit museums, or even just sit on the beach alone in your own company. Traveling alone has many benefits—you can enjoy things on your own time, make your own itinerary, change plans at a moment’s notice, and eat whatever you feel like! All these things can be done without consulting another person, which is a rare occasion in life. If you have the awesome opportunity to solo travel, take full advantage and enjoy just being able to be by yourself.

Avoid the single supplement, rent with us

Those who have traveled alone in the past are aware of the single supplement fee. This is a surcharge that can be added by hotels or tours to compensate for the fact that they’re not making money off a second occupant. By renting with, you never have to worry about that extra cost. We offer studio suites in all areas of the world—perfectly sized for the solo traveler. Since all of our suites are offered by-owner, they are not subject to inflation or hidden fees just because you choose to travel solo. Save money, stay in luxury, and make the most of your time traveling alone.

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