Top 10 Places to Hike in New England

Grab your books, walking stick, and some trail mix and get ready for some New England hiking. From the Green Mountains of Vermont to New Hampshire’s Presidential Range, the hiking options in this area of the country leave nothing to be desired.

10. Skyline Trails, Middlesex Fells Reservation, Medford, MA

This gorgeous area, only a short distance from Boston, boasts a variety of hiking trails. Whether you are looking for a short or a long hike: find it here. The Skyline Trail is 6.9 miles and takes about 5 hours to complete. The Reservoir Trail is 5.2 miles and takes about 3.5 hours to complete. The Long Pond Nature Trail is .09 miles and takes about 1 hour. Take your mom, take your kid, take your cat.

9. Plum Island, Newburyport, MA

Waves crashing on the beach, seagulls cawing in the air – a hike on one of Massachusetts’ beautiful beaches is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors. This 6-mile beach barrier is perfect for an afternoon sand hike and extends out into the Atlantic Ocean, just south of Newburyport. Located on the island is the Parker River Wildlife Refuge, home to nearly 300 species of birds. If you catch one, you can’t take it home, though.

8. Cape Cod National Seashore, MA

Stroll down 40 miles of pristine sandy beaches and gaze out over the stunning and endless ocean. Stop, collaborate, and listen at a beach, or make the trek all the way from one end to the other. You’ll see beaches for swimming and walking, biking trails, lighthouses, and interesting beach towels. Marshes, ponds, and wild cranberry bogs make this stunning area a perfect place for diverse species to make their homes. Spend an afternoon, spend a day, or spend a week. Heck, you might just decide to move here.

7. Mount Monadnock, NH

Explore 35 miles of hiking trails on this isolated mountain (the second most hiked mountain in the world), and see mossy low elevation, woods, and wildly varied vegetation. Home to much wildlife, this short mountain is perfect for families, individuals, or group hiking. At an elevation of 3,165 feet, the views from Mount Monadnock reach as far as Mount Killington, VT to the Boston Skyline, to Mount Washington, which is over 105 air miles away. Henry David Thoreau had relatives in Keene and loved to hike this mountain, so follow in his footsteps. Maybe you’ll pick up some poetry skills along the way!

6. Green Mountain Long Trail, VT

This trail is the first long distance hiking trail in the United States, traversing the high peaks of Vermont for over 270 miles. It stretches from the border of Massachusetts to Canada, and includes 70 shelters and overnight sites, and over 25,000 acres of high-elevation forest conservation land. Short hike, long hike, red bike, blue bike: this is the perfect trail for wandering poets and poetic wanderers.

5. Tumbledown Mountain, ME

Hiking is not the only option on Tumbledown Mountain. If you love climbing and seeing interesting sites, this spot may be the perfect one for you. Comprised of 700-foot-high cliffs and three open summits, this mountain also boasts Tumbledown Pond, situated at 2,800 feet and surrounded on three sides by higher peaks. Many trails loop the mountain, and all offer breathtaking views and stunning scenery.

4. Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail, one of the longest continuously marked footpaths in the world, wanders through fourteen states along the Appalachian Mountain Range. The trail is about 2,180 miles long. With one end starting in Georgia and extending into New England, it spans Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Find the closet spot to you, and then run, Forrest, run! Or just walk. Whichever suits you. Animals of all sorts, oddly-shaped trees, and hours of fun await!

3. Mount Major, NH

Located in Alton, NH, this mountain is perfect for an afternoon hike with the family. Babbling brooks, ledges, and old trees line the trails. Once you’ve reached the summit, gaze out at the gorgeous views of Lake Winnipesaukee stretching out away from the base of the mountain. Though slightly steep towards the top (1,785 feet), the open areas at the top make a great place to stop for a picnic and rest under the wide open sky. There is also a small stone fort at the top, where you can pretend to be a general looking out over his newly-acquired kingdom.

2. Mine Hill, Roxbury, CT

If you are the curious sort, try hiking at Mine Hill historical landmark. At one time, it was a fully functioning iron mine, and as you wander through the area, you can see the giant furnaces and caves. Hike the 4-mile trail through woodlands, farmland, rocky terrain, an old mule trail, and a small marble bridge. Make ample use of your imagination – perhaps you will see sprites, gnomes, or fairies.

1. Mount Washington, NH

The highest peak in the Northeast, Mount Washington is the perfect peak for experienced hikers. With rugged trails, it is a challenge to ascend to the top. The rewards are great, from unbelievable views, to evergreens, mountain water, and endless boulders, not to mention the ability to boldly proclaim, “I climbed Mount Washington.” If you are looking for a challenge, beautiful views, and an amazing hiking, then definitely hike Mount Washington.

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