Top 10 Summer Safety Tips for Your Vacation

Now that we’ve gotten through Independence Day with all of our fingers in tact, it’s time to go over some basic summer safety tips. The season gets us all excited for beach trips and other fun travel destinations, but it can be easy to forget the benefits of playing it safe. Our list of 10 summer tips cover both summertime safety tips that are so obvious you might have forgotten them as well as some you might not have thought about before. We have summer safety tips for kids and summer safety tips for adults. Be sure to create a handy checklist and add these 10 essential safety tips for summer vacation.

1. Draft up a copy of itinerary and emergency contact

Have someone coming by to feed the pets while you’re gone? Leave behind a full itinerary, the address of your resort, and all of your contact information to a friend, neighbor, or family member. If you or someone at your home runs into trouble, you can always be reached and the proper authorities will know exactly where you are.

2. Take a break and stretch

Road trips can be taxing, and it may seem worth it to just keep pressing on to get to your destination quicker. But taking frequent breaks actually helps avoid fatigue and allows drivers to maintain focus of their driving. Get out, stretch your legs, and enjoy your surroundings for a few minutes before continuing on.

3. Spray your shoes for ticks

The tick population is rising drastically. Be sure to spray your shoes as well as your kids shoes with permethrin every day and perform tick checks whenever you come back inside.

4. Mind your roof rack

If you’re embarking on a road trip with friends or the whole family and you’re bringing a carload of gear, consult the user’s manual to find the weight of your roof racks. Height plays a factor as well; if you’re loading on kayaks, canoes, or even just extra baggage, avoid accidents by making sure you don’t load so much on.

5. Keep an eye on your kids

This may seem obvious, but with so much going on during your travels, you can easily be distracted. Your kids will want to adventure, and you very well should let them, but just keep an eye on them while they’re splashing around in the water at the beach or walking ahead of the rest of the group on a nature trail.

6. Stay away from wild animals

To tie into tip five of your summer safety checklist, be sure to explain to your kids that any animals you encounter in your travels will not be as friendly as your household pets. Warn them to not try to pet, feed, or harass wild animals. Also be wary of any animals that could walk onto your campsite to forge for food. Keep all tents closed and all campers locked.

7. Consult the State Department before you leave

If you plan on traveling internationally, call up the State Department! They’ll have useful safety information for any country in the world, from necessary vaccinations you need to get to crime and security warnings for travelers. You can also register your travel plans and have them be able to contact you in case of emergency.

8. Be mindful of sun and heat-related illnesses, even in the car

Sunscreen shouldn’t just be used at the beach or in the park. You can also receive sunburns and sun poisoning on cooler days as well as in the car while you’re driving. Be sure that if you plan on driving long distances on a crystal clear day with lots of sun exposure to lather up in sunscreen and drink lots of water to prevent sun-related illnesses.

9. Consider travel insurance

Most of the other major travel sites will encourage you to buy travel insurance. While it may seem like a frivolous purchase, we at believe that you never know what’s going to happen to you and your possessions when you’re on vacation. Being ‘better safe than sorry’ can help keep your bags, flight cancellations, and health covered throughout your adventure.

10. Check for all fire exit routes at your vacation home

Regardless of where you’ll end up vacationing this summer, make sure that in the event of a fire, you know exactly where all of the fire exits are and what the evacuation procedures entail. The resort rentals that we advertise will have information on the necessary precautions that you’ll need to keep in mind when an emergency occurs, ensuring that guests remain safe and sound during their stay.

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