Top 3 Reasons to Take a Kid-Free Vacation

Picture yourself and your spouse relaxing on the beach on vacation. The kids are playing peacefully in the waves, you’re indulging on your favorite cocktail, your spouse is reading a brand new book…and then you realize all of this is very unrealistic!

While family vacations are great for bonding and making memories, they are not usually quite the relaxing getaway you might daydream of. More often than not, kids with more free time are arguing more, complaining more, and needing more attention. So we’re here to tell you why you absolutely need to to take a guilt-free, kid free vacation!

1. Sweet Peace and Relaxation

You love your kids, that’s not a question. But as a parent, it’s very rare to get any quiet time alone to just relax. Vacations are meant to be relaxing, but it’s nearly impossible when you’re trying to watch and entertain the whole clan. A kid free vacation ensures you are able to kick back with your feet up and don’t have to worry about cooking, cleaning, or taking care of anybody but yourself. And you deserve it!

2. You Call the Shots

How often do you do things for your children? Day in and day out! Even on a family vacation, every choice you make, every site you see, every restaurant you visit, you have the kids in mind. While this makes you a wonderful, giving parent, once in awhile it might be nice to do what you want to do. Without the kids, you can choose to see a show with a more adult theme, visit historical monuments without any complaints about how “boring” it is, and eat at a restaurant that doesn’t serve chicken fingers. The opportunities for you and your spouse are endless.

3. Not Kid-Friendly? No Problem!

Besides the individual places you visit when you are on vacation, it’s likely that you are choosing a destination based on whether the kids will enjoy the local area. With just you and your spouse, you can go wine tasting in Italy, see live theater in London, or even just stay at an adult-only resort enjoying couples massages and late-night dancing.

There are certainly benefits to a kid free vacation in regards to your marriage. Couples who are able to travel alone together are able to enjoy more romance and intimacy. That special alone time to bond and experience new things together keeps parents happy and fulfilled in their adult life.

While there is plenty to worry about if you choose to plan a kid free vacation, booking affordable accommodations doesn’t have to be one of them. While you find someone to watch, feed, and shuttle your kids around to their endless activities, rest assured that will have the perfectly low-priced, steal of a deal vacation rental. Browse our selection of rental deals today and making that blissful escape you dream about a reality.

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