Tourism Trends to Look Out for in 2019

You’re Going to Fall In Love With These 2019 Tourism Trends

As we round out 2018 and think about all of the amazing vacationing news shared throughout the year, we also look forward to the incredible tourism trends of 2019. With more and more people taking their vacation time and investing in experiences over material objects, we’re excited to see where the new year takes us! Here are just a few of the most predominant trends we expect to see in the upcoming months:

1. Responsible Travel

Also known by other terms like sustainable tourism and ecotourism, responsible travel is the idea of visiting a place and leaving a positive impact on the area. More and more people have turned to this style of vacationing with the hopes to preserve the many beautiful destinations. This type of travel can be accomplished through the environment, society, or economy. Simple actions like utilizing existing public transportation, purchasing locally crafted souvenirs, and bringing reusable items to reduce waste are all great examples of responsible travel. Not only can vacationers help improve the environment, support local business, and learn more about other cultures, but it improves the longevity of these places so others can visit in the future.

2. Small Town Travel

Though there are many reasons people love to visit the popular resort areas in some of the most visited vacation spots around the world, there’s something about traveling off the beaten path that has vacationers looking at alternative cities. These lesser demanding destinations often result in more affordable accommodations, great places to eat, supports local businesses, and can open up a new world of vacationing activities. By talking to residents in this area and asking for suggestions and ideas during their trips, travelers are able to immerse themselves the best local attractions, places to visit, and more.

3. Solo Travel

If you’ve ever wondered if you could handle a vacation all on your own, 2019 is the year we suggest trying it! More and more people are taking independent travel trips around the world, especially Millennial women. It’s no wonder there are so many people that love it. It allows the traveler to be truly selfish with their time and what activities they try and make decisions based solely on their desires. Not only are they able to meet new people, but it also takes them out of their comfort zone, improves creativity and inspiration, enhances communication skills, is cost effective, and is a great way to build confidence. Trust us when we say these soul searching expeditions will give you an entirely new appreciation for obligation-free travels that have been designed by you and for you.

4. Food Travel

In recent years, food travel (also known as culinary travel) has been on the forefront of vacationers minds and 2019 will be no different. Millennial travelers have gravitated towards this trend for the authentic, local experience it provides during a vacation, especially to new destinations. It’s a win-win for those who indulge—not only can they experience delicious food and drink options, but it also provides the opportunity to learn where ingredients come from, how the food is prepared, local traditions, and more. Food provides an interactive vacationing experience, whether that’s learning from those who cook the meals, taking classes to learn signature dishes, or exploring different areas of a city to find the best bite.

5. Disconnected Travel

In a world with people attached to their phones and the internet, it’s not a surprise that just as many want to get away from technology as much as they’re visiting Instagrammable destinations. This disconnect is so important, in fact, research encourages it! Tech-free vacations have been proven to enhance creativity, concentration, mental clarity, and acuity, improve health by ways of restful sleep and reduced stress, as well as promote a health work/life balance. This trend can be interpreted in a number of ways, including visiting a place with little reception, taking excursions that require travelers to leave their phone at their accommodations, and more. A technology detox is a great way to relax, unwind, and step back from the daily distractions that consume so much of our lives.

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